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North Africa Horizons
5th Newsletter - January 2017

North Africa Horizons
4th Newsletter - October 2015

North Africa Horizons
3rd Newsletter - July 2015

North Africa Horizons
2nd Newsletter - April 2015

North Africa Horizons
1st Newsletter - January 2015

FSF Newsletters (Arabic)

شمال أفريقيا آفاق 4
النشرة الإخبارية - أكتوبر 2015

شمال أفريقيا آفاق 3
النشرة الإخبارية - يوليو 2015

شمال أفريقيا آفاق 2
النشرة الإخبارية - أبريل 2015

شمال أفريقيا آفاق 1
النشرة الإخبارية - يناير 2015

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Purpose of FSF

Futures Studies Forum for Africa and the Middle East (FSF) is a non-governmental organization based in Amman- Jordan, aiming at reconnecting North Africa with its mother continent, by demonstrating a shared future and rebuilding connections between Sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA region.

To fulfill this aim FSF is to conduct futures studies and facilitate knowledge sharing with the North African region, the Middle East and Africa. The Forum acts as a platform for facilitating networking, conducting joint research projects, conferences, and training courses, with our partners in the region and worldwide.

Public awareness to futures studies and future issues related to the region is to be raised through contacts with the media, awareness raising and publishing a periodical bulletin in English and Arabic. FSF publications are published through the electronic portal of FFD.

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FSF Vision & Mission


Futures studies Forum for Africa & the Middle East (FSF) was established in 2014 aiming at realizing the following vision: “A distinguished think tank in the field of Futures Studies, for Africa and the Middle East”.


FSF will be guided with the following mission: "To effectively contribute to the development, welfare, and economic- cultural integration of North Africa, the Middle East, and the Sub-Saharan Africa via the successful utilization of futures studies and futurists’ experience”.

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FSF Objectives and activities

The Futures Studies Forum for Africa & the Middle East (FSF) aims to influence the long-term development of Africa and the Middle East by utilizing futures studies, focusing on the following objectives:

These objectives are fulfilled through the following activities:

Amman, Jordan - May 16-17th, 2015

Rabat, Morocco - December 4-5th, 2015

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Methodologies and Research Tools

Research studies are conducted using futures studies methodologies such as: Scenarios, Delphi Technique, Trend Impact Analysis, Modeling, Environmental Scanning, Cross Impact Analysis, Future Wheel, Genius Forecasting, Road Mapping, Morphological Analysis, Focus Groups, Systems Approach Methodologies, and other techniques.

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FSF target audiences

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FSF partners

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