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The Future Energy Show Africa 2023









The Future Energy Show Africa 2023
25-26 April 2023 | Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg

For 26 years, The Future Energy Show Africa has been the meeting place for the brightest and most innovative minds from utilities, IPPs, government, large energy users, innovative solution providers and more, from across Africa and the globe.


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Good Living 2050 contest










Good Living 2050 contest - Better visions of tomorrow.

Submit by 28 Feb 2023 for a chance to win cash prizes!

Are you an innovator or dreamer with a passion for sustainability? Are you an artist, designer, or creative type who likes to explore imaginative new worlds? If so, we’re calling on you as individuals or teams to share your visions of a new type of good living in 2050.


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Futurist-curated search engine




A futurist-curated search engine now available on Futures Platform

The News Search feature makes it easier to stay informed on the news and trends relevant to your organisation’s future.


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European Conference on African Futures








European Conference on African Futures
31 May 2023 - 3 June 2023

This event invites contributions from a broad range of disciplines that conceptualize the future in various ways, resembling the ambiguity of the future itself. Contributions explore practices and processes, discourses and imaginings, policies and speculations about future-making in and about Africa, by Africans and others beyond, working across different time frames and spatial dimensions. Contributions may explore expressions of agency as well as consequences of structural forces shaping future trajectories, aspirations, visions, and dreams in historical and contemporary perspective.


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UN 2023 Water Conference






UN 2023 Water Conference
22 — 24 Mar 2023, New York
“Midterm comprehensive review of the implementation of the International Decade for Action, ‘Water for Sustainable Development’, 2018-2028”

The Conference is convened by the UN General Assembly. The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Tajikistan, co-hosts of the Conference, are committed to make the Conference a watershed moment that will bring stakeholders from all sectors together and that will create a global momentum for accelerated implementation and improved impact to advance the broad challenges surrounding water. UN DESA serves as the Secretariat, supported by UN-Water.


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IFTF Scenario Building Course





IFTF Scenario Building Course
Upskill your foresight with scenario thinking

NOVEMBER 7-18, 2022 | Live-Online
APRIL 17-MAY 2, 2023 | Live-Online

In times of high uncertainty, one essential foresight method stands out—alternative scenarios.

If you want to add scenario thinking to your toolbox for foresight, design, strategic planning, or innovation leadership, this course will walk you step by step through the process of crafting visionary scenarios—one of the most rewarding, impactful, and challenging activities in a foresight practice.

This time-tested framework from world-renowned futurist Jim Dator helps sort through the chaos and complexity of world-changing moments like the Covid-19 pandemic. It provides us with the tools to organize overwhelming events, signals, and memes into four clear paths to the future—and to convert those paths to strategic action.


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