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Project Methodology

 SA City Futures consists of four phases, each with specific deliverables,

These phases are:
Phase One: African Centre for Cities (ACC) developed the methodology and techniques for this project.

Phase Two: The project kick starts within the neighbourhoods of Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay.


Phase Three: Creative visualisation during the facilitated workshops and of the outcome for each neighbourhood. This phase will require appointing artists, designers, filmmakers and street theatre companies to creatively communicate the outcomes and exhibit them at both the International Union of Architects Congress in Durban in 2014, as well as within the neighbourhoods and cities where the methodology was piloted. The artworks will be highly interactive.


• Ongoing: Two processes or activities will run concurrently with the phases. The first is the reference group and the second is project management. The reference group will be responsible for guiding the project. The project management activities will take place throughout the project and will include communication activities which will serve to document the process that will be used to communicate with cities and professionals involved in city planning. It will include a documentary, the establishment of a multi-media website and a once-off magazine about South Africa’s City Futures.


future form - imagined space

:: visual representations of urban design, reflecting different approaches to space and form. We will physically model what the cities will look like.




future sim - simulated data

:: data-driven future simulations, graphically depicting how city-regions are likely to physically change over the course of time. Includes living, economic and migration patterns as well as residents’ changing needs for infrastructure, housing, transport and recreation



future narrative - human stories

:: portraits and stories of different city residents, and how they will live in and interact with the city, within and between different city communities.







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