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Our voice counts: adolescents’ view on their future

Author: Miemsie Steyn, Jo Badenhorst and Gerrit Kamper
Organisation: South African Journal of Education
Publish Date: 2010
Country: Sri Lanka
Method: Forecasting
Theme: Futures
Type: Journal
Language: English
Tags: adolescents; future expectations; societal problems; youth

We focus on the impact of societal change and related societal problems on the youth of post-apartheid South Africa. Within the parameters of an eco-systemic model, it is argued that adolescents’ perspectives on their future in this country could be negatively influenced by the extent of societal problems that are currently experienced in South Africa. Amidst severe problems such as poverty,unemployment, HIV/AIDS, and violent crime the findings of an empirical
investigation into the views 1,326 adolescents from a variety of socio-economic
backgrounds indicate that a general spirit of optimism and independence exists,
paired with a strong desire to escape the trappings of poverty and to fulfil their
career and social expectations. The findings indicate that a new, non-racial
generation is emerging, but also highlight a formidable ethical dilemma: not
societal factors, but ironically the ailing education system, is blocking the future
ideals of thousands of South African adolescents.
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