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Life after Oil: Economic Alternatives for the Arab Gulf States
Looks at the Arab Gulf States' reliance on oil as a source for income and discusses the problem of economic alternatives for the country if all their oil resources have been depleted. States that no

Author: J.E. Peterson
Organisation: Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University
Publish Date: 2009
Limpopo Employment Growth and Development Plan 2009 – 2014
Given the country’s success in macro stabilization, the current Provincial Employment Growth and Development Plan confront the problem areas of growth, descent jobs and poverty reduction within a bro

Author: Limpopo Provincial Government
Organisation: Limpopo Provincial Government
Publish Date: March 2010
Linking Futures across Scales: a Dialog on Multiscale Scenarios
Scenario analysis is a useful tool for exploring key uncertainties that may shape the future of social-ecological systems. This paper explores the methods, costs, and benefits of developing and linki

Author: Biggs, R., C. Raudsepp-Hearne, C. Atkinson-Palombo, E. Bohensky, E. Boyd, G. Cundill, H. Fox, S. Ingram, K. Kok, S. Spehar, M. Tengö, D. Timmer, and M
Organisation: Ecology and Society
Publish Date: 2007
Linking Present and Future Choices: Sustainability and the measurement of human development
States that the human development approach as discussed in this presentation can help us advancing on measurement by offering a framework for understanding sustainability, which connects inter- and i

Author: José Pineda
Organisation: Human Development Report Office (HDRO), United Nations Development Programme
Publish Date: December 2012
Lions go digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa
Following a decade of rapid urbanization and strong economic growth, Africa is going digital. While just 16 percent of the continent’s one billion people are online, that picture is changing rapidly.

Author: James Manyika, Armando Cabral, Lohini Moodley, Safroadu Yeboah-Amankwah, Suraj Moraje, Michael Chui, Jerry Anthonyrajah, Acha Leke
Organisation: McKinsey & Company
Publish Date: November 2013
Lions on the move II: Realizing the potential of Africa's Economies
In this report, the McKinsey Global Institute looks beyond Africa’s immediate challenges and assess economic prospects to 2025 and beyond. The findings should be encouraging both for companies lookin

Author: Jacques Bughin, Mutsa Chironga, Georges Desvaux, Tenbite Ermias, Paul Jacobson, Omid Kassiri, Acha Leke, Susan Lund, Arend Van Wamelen, Yassir Zouaoui
Organisation: McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)
Publish Date: September 2016
Lions on the move: The progress and potential of African economies
Africa's collective GDP, at $1.6 trillion in 2008, is now roughly equal to Brazil's or Russia's. While Africa's increased economic momentum is widely recognized, less known are its sources and likely

Author: C. Roxburgh, N. Dorr, A. Leke, A. Tazi-Riffi, A. Van Wamelen, S. Lund, M. Chironga, T. Alatovik, C. Atkins, N. Terfous, T. Zeino-Mahmalat
Organisation: McKinsey Global Institute
Publish Date: 2010
Liveable Cities: The Benefits of Urban Environmental Planning
From time to time one reads a really refreshing and forward-looking report on the quest for sustainability. This one, focusing on the urban challenge, brings together concrete case studies from citie

Author: The Cities Alliance
Organisation: The Cities Alliance
Publish Date: 2007
Livestock and the Livelihoods of the Urban Poor: A Background Document
It has been currently estimated that one half the world’s population now lives in urban areas. Further, virtually all of the world’s population growth between 2000 and 2030 is expected to be absorbed

Author: Ruth Fuller
Organisation: Livestock Development Group
Publish Date: 2003
Locating Gender and Women’s Studies in Nigeria: What Trajectories for the Future?
The paper is presented in three parts. The first examines the context of gender and women’s studies in Nigeria. The second part explores the relations between intellectual content and political agend

Author: Charmaine Pereira
Organisation: GA Chapter-1 pereira.p65
Publish Date: 2004
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