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Long-term macroeconomic forecast: Key trends to 2050
With many companies making strategic business decisions over long time frames, the long-term projections of The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provide information to facilitate such decisions. Lon

Author: EIU (The Economist Intelligence Unit)
Organisation: EIU (The Economist Intelligence Unit)
Publish Date: 2015
Long-term scenarios for the future of the global financial system - Key driving forces compendium
As described in Section 3 of The Future of the Global Financial System: A Near-Term Outlook and Long-Term Scenarios, the World Economic Forum’s scenario methodology begins with a series of interviews

Author: World Economic Forum
Organisation: World Economic Forum
Publish Date: 2009
Long-Term Trends in World Politics
A revisit, and an extension, of the paper “From Leadership to Organization: The Evolution of Global Politics,” originally presented at the University of Zurich in 1993. Three long-term processes: the

Author: George Modelski
Organisation: Journal of World-Systems Research
Publish Date: 2005
Looking ahead in world food and agriculture: Perspectives to 2050
Several aspects of the perspectives for global agriculture are analysed in this report. FAO’s last global projection exercise to 2050 indicates that agricultural and food demand is expected to slow o

Author: Piero Conforti (editor)
Organisation: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Agricultural Development Economics Division
Publish Date: 2011
Looking Ahead Long-Term Prospects for Africa’s Agricultural Development and Food Security
Sub-Saharan Africa is the only developing region in the world where food insecurity has worsened instead of improved in recent decades. In this discussion paper, Mark W. Rosegrant, Sarah A. Cline, We

Author: Mark W. Rosegrant, Sarah A. Cline, Weibo Li, Timothy B. Sulser, Rowena A. Valmonte-Santos
Organisation: International Food Policy Research Institute
Publish Date: 2005
Looking Ahead to 2050: Scenarios of Alternative Investment Approaches
Looking ahead to 2050: Scenarios of alternative investment approaches

Author: Charlotte de Fraiture, Dennis Wichelns, Johan Rockström, Eric Kemp-Benedict, Nishadi Eriyagama, Line J. Gordon, Munir A. Hanjra,Jippe Hoogeveen, Annet
Organisation: Stockholm Resilience Centre
Publish Date: 2011
Looking Ahead: Energy, Climate Change and Pro-poor Responses
In the absence of new policies, global trends in energy supply and consumption are unsustainable all around. Today, roughly 2.6 billion people use fuel, wood, charcoal, agricultural waste and animal

Author: Teresa Malyshev
Organisation: International Energy Agency
Publish Date: 2009
Looking Beyond the Endless Frontier
This report analyses the opportunities of the Forward Look as a policy-making instrument for the ESF and its constituencies. The report is partly based on an ESF organised workshop ‘ESF Forward Looks

Author: Barend van der Meulen
Organisation: European Science Foundation (ESF)
Publish Date: 2007
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