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Our Biopolitical Future: Four Scenarios

Author: Richard Hayes
Organisation: Worldwatch Institute
Publish Date: 2007
Country: Global
Sector: Social Development
Method: Scenarios
Theme: Strategic Thinking
Language: English
Tags: Genetic technologies, Libertarian and communitarian values, Political landscapes, Future scenarios

Maps out four different scenarios for the biopolitical future between 2007-2021. The scenarios are: Libertarian, Transhumanism, Triumphs, both left- and right-libertarian values prevail. One Family, One Future, communitarian values grounded in quasi-religious solidarity and patriarchy prevail. A Techno-Eugenic Arms Race, a lethal mix of communitarian nationalism and libertarian techno-capitalism spins out of control. The scenario For the Common Good is grounded in communitarian values of the sort historically associated with social democracy and liberal internationalism.
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