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Human Evolution: Retrodictions and Predictions

Author: David R. Begun
Organisation: University of Toronto
Publish Date: 2006
Country: Global
Sector: Social Development
Method: Forecasting
Theme: Futures
Type: Article
Tags: Hominoidea, Anthropoids, Catarrhines, Hominids, Humans, Homo, Biology/Technology Transition, Genetics of Human Evolution

All species eventually become extinct, at least among multicellular organisms. There are really two forms of extinction. Populations of a species may be isolated from other populations of the same species and, over time, evolve into a new species. The old species may persist for a time along with the new species. Or, a species may disappear without descendants. Either way, once the old species no longer exists, even if there is genetic continuity between it and the new species, it is considered to have become extinct.
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