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The Future of Human Nature: A symposium on the promises and challenges of the revolutions in genomics and computer science

Author: Charles DeLisi and Kenneth Lewes (Symposium organisers)
Organisation: Boston University
Publish Date: 2003
Country: Global
Sector: Development
Method: Creative thinking
Theme: Information Technology
Type: Conference Proceedings
Language: English
Tags: Genetics, Computer Science, Directed evolution, Society, Biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Reproductive technologies

In the twentieth century, life itself has been markedly extended by applying the methods of civil engineering to large-scale waste removal and water purification, and biomedical technologies to the search for disease targets and associated therapeutics. Until recently, the technologies of the modern age have been based largely on the mechanical and electrical properties of matter; they have acted upon the quality and style of life of individuals and societies but have had relatively little effect on human nature. The twenty-first century will see the emergence and influence of at least two major technologies: computer science and genomics. The one deeply rooted in communication, the physical sciences, and the cognitive sciences; the other emerging from chemistry and biology. The intersection of the two, and each on its own, can have profound consequences not just on the quality of life as we know it, but on the nature of life itself—on its shape and form, on what it means to be human.
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