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War and Peace Scenarios in Northern Uganda

Author: Josep Maria Royo
Organisation: School for a Culture of Peace (Escola de Cultura de Pau)
Publish Date: July 2008
Country: Africa
Sector: Political
Method: Scenarios
Theme: General
Type: Other publication
Language: English
Tags: War, Peace, Scenarios, Conflict

Since 1986 the north of Uganda has been suffering from an armed conflict in which the armed opposition group the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), motivated by its messianic religious leader, Joseph Kony, has been attempting to overthrow the government, establish a regime based on the Ten Commandments of the Bible and overcome the marginalisation of the Acholi community. Violence against the civilian population, the kidnapping of thousands of children to swell the ranks of the armed group and confrontations between it and the armed forces have led to thousands of deaths and the enforced displacement of two million people. The LRA continued expanding its activities into southern Sudan until, in 2002, the Sudanese government allowed the Ugandan armed forces into its territory in pursuit of the group, leading to an escalation of violence and the expansion of the conflict into this area.

Following several contacts between government representatives and the LRA, exploratory attempts to begin a peace process in the nineties, and the emergence of the International Criminal Court ordering the arrest of the group’s leaders, a promising peace process was begun in Juba, Sudan, in July 2006. This process is still currently awaiting the signing of the final peace agreement, which should have taken place in April 2008, although it has been postponed indefinitely and possibly definitively, which could signify the final breakdown of the peace process and the beginning of a new phase of violence.

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