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Why Imagine The Future?

Author: Elise Boulding
Organisation: Elise Boulding
Publish Date: 2009
Country: Global
Sector: Democracy & Governance, Legal & Civic Rights
Type: Article
Language: English
Tags: World War II, War, Peace

“In eras when pessimism combines with a sense of cosmic helplessness, the quality of human intentionality declines and, with it, the quality of imagery of the not-yet. Societies in that condition live bounded by the present, with no social dynamic for change available to them.”

“What gives me confidence that the imaging process is basically a sound one, is that, despite cultural differences, the same basic image themes appear in the imagined utopias of the ancient past as appear in the imagery of our late-20th century imagers - a clean, green world of abundance, joyfully shared by men and women. This kind of imaging is a special human gift, that no follies have been able to extinguish. And as long as we can imagine a better world with minds adequately equipped for the complexities of the 21st century, we will be able to work for it.”
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