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CORPUS Discussion Paper 3 on Scenario Development for Sustainable Food Consumption

Author: Lucia A. Reisch, Andrea Farsang, Francois Jégou
Organisation: CORPUS
Publish Date: May 2011
Country: Global
Sector: Environmental
Method: Forecasting
Theme: Food
Type: Other publication
Language: English
Tags: Food consumption, Diet changes, Food availability, Environmental impacts, Food governance systems

The food system is surrounded by unpredictable events and uncertainties and faces a wide range of challenges. The transition of the food system in a more sustainable direction requires a systematic approach. As drivers of change have an effect at global, national, regional and local level, new governance is needed for these differing scales. Governance has to respond to challenges such as ending hunger, meeting the growing demand for food, addressing price volatility, dealing with climate change and other environmental problems, changing governance of the food system, and encouraging dietary changes to prevent malnutrition.
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