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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Philanthropy


TED’s Philanthropy Talks


The Future of Philanthropy: Will Next Generation Donors Do Things Differently?
It is predicted that trillions of dollars of wealth will be transferred to the hands of a new generation of philanthropists in the next half-century. “It’s the biggest inter-generational transfer of wealth that we've ever seen. (And) so much of what happens in the future will depend on what the rising generation of major donors (now in their twenties and thirties) will become. Will they do things very differently from the previous generation?", asks Caroline Hartnell of Alliance, a magazine dedicated to philanthropy and social investment. A panel of experts examines inter-generational differences in philanthropy and argues that “next gen” donors are more impact focused than their predecessors.


Future of Philanthropy
A panel, moderated by William Shambra, discussed the implications of Warren Buffett’s gift to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which would result in a philanthropic foundation with assets of $60 billion. The panelists discussed the history of philanthropy and responded to questions from members of the audience.


Emerging Markets: Philanthropy at the Intersection | 2013 Skoll World Forum
Emerging markets provide opportunities for understanding the consequences of rapid growth and industrialisation -- including negative social and environmental effects. Funders and foundations working for change in these regions are often faced with complex social, political and legal contexts as they work to improve conditions for citizens and the environment. Join us to discuss insights and perspectives rarely surfaced from this unique intersection of funders and emerging philanthropists who work in these regions. Expect a candid discussion about pitfalls, progress and future opportunities.


Future Of Philanthropy - SWF 2007
How far can 'creative' philanthropy support social innovation to help address some of the major challenges confronting global society today? This panel discussion explores how philanthropy is developing, opportunities to maximise impact, how philanthropic institutions are approaching mission- related investment and the challenges for non-profits trying to secure investment capital.


Roger Hughes on the Future of Philanthropy
Hear about a concept called "funderitis" and listen to Roger discuss his four primary suppositions on how the world is changing. In an insightful and funny talk, Roger looks ahead to the future of philanthropy.


Random Acts of Kindness: The Future of Digital Altruism, Community Collaboration, and Timebanks
In today's world of increasing scarcity of resources and economic stagnation, we still see rapid developments in computer science and user experience towards increasingly mobile, intelligent, and context-aware computing systems. These innovations represent a new frontier for transformative innovation on a societal level. They hold the promise of breakthroughs in how people can collaborate through dynamically coordinated, efficient, and reciprocal service transactions to improve the quality of life for all. I fix your car, you do a neighbor's taxes, she designs my new kitchen, and so on.


Future Trends and Philanthropy
In this clip from a 2006 Keynote for the American Red Cross 125th Anniversary celebration, Glen Hiemstra outlines five trends that will shape the future. These include demographics, philanthropic giving, communications and technology, public agencies and debt, and global warming leading to wild weather.


A World Changed: 100 Years of Philanthropy
A World Changed: 100 Years of Philanthropy


The Future of Philanthropy: Social Giving Takes Off
Recent research shows that online giving is growing at a rate of 40% annually. Driving and shaping this activity are some innovative tech startup companies looking to change the very nature of online giving. Using game mechanics, mobile technology, and principals of community management and engagement, these startups are giving younger adults more relevant ways to connect with, volunteer for and donate to nonprofits and causes that matter to them. Questions for this panel of industry representatives will include: What's the future for social giving startups? How are they tapping into existing online communities to encourage philanthropy? And what are the down sides to having so-called "middleware" sites and applications in the mix?



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