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Water II

Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Future of Water


The future of water and urbanization in Africa
The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies organized, in partnership with the Futures Studies Forum and the UNESCO foresight directorate, an international meeting on the theme: "The future of water and urbanization in Africa." Attended by experts from sub-Saharan Africa and the MENA region, this meeting has been dedicated to the appropriation of advanced analysis tools in the field of foresight and their application to two structural issues, namely water security and urban development. Other aspects were discussed, including possibilities for cooperation between the represented institutions in the objective of sharing their expertise in the field of future studies.


Water Strategy and Future Thinking at the City of Cape Town
Michael Webster is Executive Director for Water and Waste at City of Cape Town. We explore the City’s water strategy and key commitments, lessons from the 2018 water crisis, recent progress made, future thinking, new technologies, opportunities and challenges for private sector collaboration, and advice for cities grappling with water management.


Water & Africa - The Future Now Show
The African continent ‘boasts’ the highest percentage of any global population without access to clean water. What does the future look like for this population, short-term and long-term (think climate change) in terms of access to water when the situation is already dire in so many parts of the continent and the status quo seems never to change? But maybe it is changing – economic growth is at least being seen and the US and China are focussing ever more attention there.


The future of water in Africa: Sustainable solutions for water management
The future of water in Africa: Sustainable solutions for water management


The Future of Water
The latest installment of our What Happens Next series looks for solutions in an unlikely spot: a city perched on the edge of the world’s oldest desert. For the residents of Windhoek, Namibia, the arid future arrived long before the growing freshwater crisis made headlines around the world. And this city responded to worsening cycles of drought by tapping water resources from a radical source that was already on hand: wastewater from their own city sewers. And while the technology for building a toilet-to-tap management system isn’t new, the mindset required to do here offers a lesson to any city facing an increasingly arid future.


The Future of Water 2030 by Futurist Keynote Matthew Griffin
The Future of Water 2030 by Futurist Keynote Matthew Griffin


The Future of Water
Join The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and The Pew Charitable Trusts for a conversation about the future of water. We look forward to engaging with you on key questions about water resources and security.


What data shows the future of water could look like | Max Jacobo Moreno-Madrinan | TEDxIndianapolis
Water is a core need that is both threatened and threatening. In this talk, Dr. Max Jacobo Moreno-Madrinan talks about the future consequences of climate change that include fresh water insecurity and the encroachment of sea levels into cities built on our world's coasts. Born and raised in Colombia, Dr. Max Jacobo Moreno-Madriñán is an associate professor in the Department of Environmental Health Science within the Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI.


Scientists have created edible water
'Ooho' by Skipping Rocks Lab is an edible water bottle created out of 100% biodegradable brown algae that is an environmental-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.


What is the Future of Water?
Pew interviewed two leading experts about the future of water for a short video conversation. In this video, you can hear insights from Jay Famiglietti, professor and executive director of the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan, and Sandra Postel, the director and founder of the Global Water Policy Project and the author of Replenish, The Virtuous Cycle of Water and Prosperity.


The Future of Water: Mark Owen at TEDxOSU
Mark Owen is an OSU Mechanical Engineering graduate and has a Masters of Technology in Advanced Manufacturing from the University of Limerick Ireland. He is an inventor and entrepreneur, and was the founder of both Phoseon Technology and Puralytics. Puralytics has developed a water purification technology and products which are sustainable and have applications in both here and in the developing world. Puralytics has won numerous global awards for their technology and products. Mark Owen will discuss the future of water and how new technology will be required sustain it.


The Future of Water: Dr. Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy at TEDxUSF
A leading global water professional, Dr. Vairavamoorthy shares how his cultural and spiritual connection with water was developed and how that led to principles of good water stewardship. He shares a story of water and a vision for our future with water that is inspiring and immensely relevant to the future of our planet and our communities.


Imagining our Future with Water | Jared Bramblett | TEDxCharleston
Flooding is escalating: solutions are daunting. Jared, engineer and expert on issues relating to flood mitigation, sees the need for increasing collective awareness on sea-level rise impact and modifying approaches to accelerating risks. Jared is a professional engineer with over 13 years of experience working with public and private sector clients throughout the southeast. His technical work primarily includes stormwater master plans, watershed assessments, flood mitigation and drainage improvement projects, green infrastructure design, and resilient projects and programs.


A Fresh Water Future
The poor health and disruption of water systems has compromised our ability to weather the deadly droughts, heatwaves and floods that have become the norm and are expected to worsen in the future.


The Future of Water -The Waterlords
The documentary looks at how the struggle to control and use water will impact political power relations worldwide and influence cooperation, conflict and peace and the destinies of countries and entire continents in the decades to come. The importance of the water question is growing because we are living in a period of world history when fear of climatic changes has become a dominant worry worldwide, and when all societies have to prepare for what is expected to be changes in the water landscape.


Water Alchemy: Attila Bodnar at TEDxDanubia
Our relation to water is ambivalent: when we are thinking about it we imagine the crystal clear source of life, yet in the urban area our water treatment is a mess. Literally. But wasting water like that is no longer an option. It's time to rethink our wastewater treatment in a new efficient, organic and urbanic way. Attila Bodnár shows us his idea of water renewal gardens, where the water cycle closes in a beautiful way.


Water 2050: Voices of the Future of Water
In 2050, what will water utilities, and the entire water community, look like? In this video, young water professionals from around the world speak up about their vision of the future. They have big ideas, big questions, and plenty of hope and determination.


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