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Innovation in Africa, can we get better?

A while ago, one of our guest editors looked at Innovation in Africa. Dr Olugbenga Adesida said that it has become fashionable to be a part of this new economy of Africa. Africa is leading in the world mobile app rankings. And this is true. Over the last decade Africa has witnessed exponential growth in the use of mobile telephones. And, the booming mobile market has given Africa an edge and the continent today has become a creative hub for new products in mobile banking, commerce, education and health.

There are lots of amazing projects happening that if paid attention to that will go a long away in moving the continent to greater heights. From the Kenyan Ushaidi which is an open source innovation for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping online platform and that has been used in about 9 countries around the world to Nigerian students that created urine powered generator. These are examples of amazing creative minds that Africa is yet to harness. So this week, we at Foresight for Development ask for your help as we talk about innovation.

What are the innovations that you have heard about that have sent your mind spinning? Share those with us.

What are the obstacles that have hindered us from achieving the best that we can be and even more?  Like Dr Olugbenga Adesida said, we cannot leave some of these things to chance. We need effort to create plans and processes that will help us as Africans propel innovation with the use of Foresight.

Can this be achieved?

Do share your thoughts.


Ruth Aine Tindyebwa
Blogger/Online Communications

Read her personal blog; IN DEPTH which is at www.ruthaine.com

Read more about the author and her view on being a futurist.



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