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July 20:20 vision

Looking back to 1991, looking forward to 2031 - this is the July edition of 20:20 vision.

Nineteen ninety one

Leprosy, 1991

  • A total of 41,989 new cases of leprosy were reported to the World Health Organisation in 1991.
  • Ten years later, in 2001, the total number of new cases of leprosy reported was 39,612.

Source: AIFOl.

Head count, 1991

  • Official 1991 census data for Nigeria suggested 5,685,785 people lived in Lagos.
  • The total population of Nigeria for 1991 was reportedly 88,514,505.

Source: Nigerian muse.

FDI, 1991

  • Between 1987 and 1991, average Foreign Direct Investment inflows into selected African countries:
    • Namibia: US$29,6 million.
    • Ghana: US$11,9 million.
    • Botswana: US$56,7 million.
    • Mozambique: US$9,2 million.
    • Average for Africa: US$60,1 million.
    • Average for all developing countries: US$212,3 million.

Source: UNCTAD.

Oil production, 1991

  • Oil production (per million barrels) in selected African countries for 1991:
    • Nigeria: 690.945 /mb.
    • Angola: 181.388 /mb.
    • Algeria: 456.350 /mb.
    • Libya: 548.960 /mb.
    • Morocco: 0.328 /mb.
    • Cameroon: 55.115 /mb.

Source: US Department of Energy.

Education, 1991

  • Primary school enrollment in Angola in 1991: 75.6%.
  • Primary school enrollment in Sierra Leone in 1991: 47.7%.
  • Primary school enrollment in Burkina Faso in 1991: 33.8%.

Source: World Bank.

Twenty thirty one

HIV-Aids, 2031

June 5, 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of Aids.

In July 1981 Dr Curran of the Centre for Disease Control Task Team on Kaposi's Sarcoma and

Opportunistic Infections described to the world the presence of a new disease for which very little information about transmission was available. By December 1981, the first case of Aids was documented in the United Kingdom.

In 2031, the world will mark 50 years since the first reports of Aids were documented. Aids2031 is a consortium of partners working to change the face of the pandemic by 2031. Aids2031 has nine working groups, including a working group dedicated to science and technology.

Aids2031 has produced 'Aids: Taking a long-term view'. It can be purchased from FT Press. Click here for more information.


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