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Futures Studies Forum (FSF)

FSF Organizational Structure:

FSF contains five main units:

  1. 1. Research and studies unit: aiming at conducting and exchanging research to design a better future, in coordination with the Donors and foreign organization.
  2. 2. Public Awareness and public relations unit: aiming at enhancing the public awareness about futures studies and future issues..
  3. 3. International Relations Unit: aiming at establishing a viable network and personal contacts with similar centers at the local and regional levels.
  4. 4. Training unit: aiming at developing scientific skills and experience in various futures methodologies. This will be in cooperation with the Donor and other international institutes capable of transfering its technologies to the Egyptian centers.
  5. 5. Supporting activities unit: aiming at developing the financial and legal affairs of the forum.

FSF will be steered by an advisory board. This board consists of prominent experts, academics, and public figures in Africa and the Middle East. A non permanent committee will be formed to provide the needed expertise in certain case by case issue. Moreover, on-demand consultants will be temporarily hired to participate in various studies, seminars, workshops and conferences.

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