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Governing the rise of Artificial Intelligence


Governing the rise of Artificial Intelligence
A Global Civic Debate
From September 7th, 2017 to March 31st, 2018

Re-inventing Man & Machine Relationship
Rights, Ethics & Bias

Humans are increasingly fostering relationships and bonds with machines. The amount of time we spend and the way in which we interact with our smartphones is becoming a vital part of our life. As AI changes the way we perceive our relationship with machines, can this bond pioneer paths to greater human empowerment?

In an era when we rely increasingly upon intelligent albeit “black boxed” machines to perform tasks previously performed by humans, how can we embed ethical design and operation principle in the development of AI systems?

Cognitive Sciences have demonstrated that all humans are affected by cognitive biases. So, when black-box algorithms make predictive assessments based on human datasets, the results can dangerously amplify existing biases. How do we create a bias-free or correcting AI system?

Join the debate and share your thoughts! #AIforGood



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