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Invitation to Participate in the Education/Learning Work/Tech 2050 Real-Time Delphi


Invitation to Participate in the Education/Learning Work/Tech 2050 Real-Time Delphi



You are invited to share your insights about actions African governments can take and/or actions to improve governance that could make the transition to the changing work-technology dynamics by 2050 as beneficial for all as possible.


As you may know, The Millennium Project conducted extensive research and several international Real-Time Delphi’s to produce the three Work/Technology 2050 Global Scenarios. These scenarios were input to national workshops in 19 countries to identify strategies to address some of the issues raised. You are invited to share your views on these government/governance actions. Subsequent RTDelphi's will rate actions for business/labor, culture, and S&T communities. You will be notified about those Real-Time Delphi’s later.


For now, please go to https://themp.org/rtd/government_worktech_2050/ sign in and give yourself a password (unless you previously set up an account, then use your same password). You will be asked four demographic questions (and you will not be asked these again when you return the next time to this RTDelphi). Please do not feel pressure to rate all 22 items on your first visit. You can return as many times as you like before 20 August 2018. You can see what others have rated and read their reasons. Think of this as a global asynchronous discussion with your peers without attribution so that ideas are persuasive rather than personalities or status.


The results will be shared with all those who participate.



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