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Tutu's Children - Africa's future Leaders, a Documentary

Tutu's Children - Africa's future Leaders, a Documentary

Tutu’s Children is a fascinating documentary series that follows the leadership development and the lives of the 2012 Tutu Fellows, a specially selected group of high potential future leaders of Africa, who at a comparatively young age are already doing amazing things on the continent. These inspirational young leaders refreshingly offer fresh thinking and hope on a continent blighted by poor leadership.

With the support of the Archbishop, the African Leadership Institute, through the Tutu Fellowship Programme is nurturing the leadership capabilities of, by now, a network of 150 top young leaders on the continent – the Tutu Fellows – who are committed to taking responsibility for leadership in catalysing change on the continent. This network is already positively impacting the lives of millions of fellow Africans

Al Jazeera English News Channel will be screening “Tutu’s Children”, a four part documentary series, commencing this Thursday at 20.00 GMT.


Episode 1: Thursday 10th Jan at:

Thursday         2000GMT
Friday             1200GMT
Saturday         0100GMT
Sunday           0600GMT
Monday           2000GMT
Tuesday          1200GMT
Wednesday     0100GMT
Thursday         0600GMT
Subsequent episodes in the same slots so episode 2 starting 17th Jan, episode 3 the 24th Jan and episode 4 on the 31st. Each episode is 45 minutes.

Thereafter the episodes will be available to view on YouTube and on the Al Jazeera Website.

Trailers and pre-views can be seen on http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/tutuschildren/2012/10/201210151280403481.html
And http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/south2north/2013/01/201315819281981.html


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