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OAU 50 years on: Ambitious dreams, painful realities

By AHMED SALIM Special Correspondent

Instead of venting our frustrations at the AU, perhaps we should pause and realise we are just looking in the mirror?

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 June 2013 09:40

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2025 Scenarios from The Challenge Network

The Challlenge Network: scenarios, strategy and foresight

These scenarios look forward to 2025. Economic growth will, on average, probably be slower than any enjoyed between the 1970s and the 2008 crisis. There are four depressing factors: first, of course, the current debt overhang, combined with state deficits. Second, there is an unavoidable, immense fiscal crisis looming in the 2020s, in the shape of demographic change and unfunded pensions. Third, supply side inflation will occur around minerals, energy and food whenever growth does manage to pick up. Finally, the need to meet environmental constraints will, whatever the positive rhetoric, cost around a percent off potential growth to compliant nations. Additional to these, the Eurozone situation has the potential to drag on for a decade, perennially threatening catastrophe.

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WFS - FORECASTS Special Report

WFS - FORECASTS Special Report
20 Forecasts for 2012-2025

Trends and Breakthroughs Likely to Affect Your Work, Your Investments, and Your Family

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 June 2013 09:37

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Sustainable Urban Mobility in 2020

To make the car of the future, we need to make the city of the future, says an MIT designer.

How can you design a city by designing a car? Today’s automobiles are driven by an increasing number of users who live in cities. The United Nations reported in 2007 that migration patterns and population growth have created an equal split between inhabitants of cities and rural areas for the first time in human history. This general trend will continue for the next several decades and will produce a very urbanized world.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 June 2013 09:33

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MediaFuturist: A conversation with fellow Futurist Anton Musgrave

A conversation with fellow Futurist Anton Musgrave (audio)

Anton Musgrave is a fellow futurist from South Africa and co-founder of Future World, and a great chap to talk to. This conversation is about what futurists do and what we don't do :) Check it out.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 December 2020 06:22

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The future of work

Work and workforce dynamics: the keys to success

The where, when, how, what and who of work and the workforce are experiencing changes the combined impacts of which will be significant for almost all organisations whatever their size, sector or markets. To compete effectively, organisations need to understand the scale of these changes and explore the implications of these trends impacting all aspects of the organisation from sales to operations and everything in between. Workers too need to chart their future careers by knowing the likely opportunities and risks presented by changing markets, industries and employment models.

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