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Marie-Anne Delahaut

This month we profile some women, including one of Millennia2015


Marie-Anne Delahaut

Director of Research at The Destree Institute and Founder, and Head of Millennia2015

Marie-Anne Delahaut has been involved with foresight for quite some time. She has been building up her expertise in foresight and governance of the internet as well as creating a foresight processes to push gender equality through Millennia2015.

In 2007, Delahaut created Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges". Built under the patronage of the UNESCO and with the support of the International Organization of La Francophonie, Millennia2015 is a foresight research process developed by The Destree Institute and its international partners. Millennia2015 works with foresight as a method and the information society as context in solidarity. Millennia2015 acts for gender equality, women's empowerment and their full participation to political, economic and social decisions, in complementarity with men, in order to build fairer and more ethic futures by 2025.

She also serves as head of the Information Society Unit and network administrator at The Destree Institute, a European Research Centre and NGO in operational relations with UNESCO. Delahaut has a Bachelor in Education and is a qualified teacher of French and English. Since 1987 she has been developing an expertise in ICT networks administration and has contributed to the development of the independent ICT network of the Destree Institute since 1989.

Delahaut has participated in the World Summit on the Information Society since 2003 and in the Internet Governance Forum. She has published works about Foresight and governance of the internet. Delahaut is a member of the Internet Society (ISOC), where she created the Chapter Wallonia (ISOC Belgium - Wallonia) in 1998, served as president (2005-2009) and is currently its honorary president.

Delahaut is a member of the Belgian Association of Women Business owners, of the Commission on Women and Development of the Belgian Ministry of Development Cooperation, of the French-Speaking Women Council of Belgium and also of the European Center for Women and Technology. She was awarded the title of "Outstanding Woman 2011" for "her work and her action in favor of equal opportunities between women and men" from the Belgian Federal Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of Employment and Equal Opportunities.


Professor Shirley Randell

Director of the Centre for Gender, Culture and Development, Kigali Institute of Education, Rwanda

Professor Shirley Randell is involved in education and training of male and female gender workers to improve their capacity through gender theory and analysis. To this end they aim to assist Rwanda to achieve its Vision 2020 and the Millennium Goal of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. What keeps her motivated in her role is the commitment of President Paul Kagame, his government, and the community to build gender equality, women’s empowerment, and a conducive environment for gender reforms. One of her future goals includes provision of suitable courses to provide necessary expertise to gender practitioners and gender futurists. Her advice for anyone who wants a career in African foresight / future studies is to seek appropriate credentials through study and experience. They should also network and listen to African women and men who have a vision for the future. This will help to empower each other to create a better future for Africa.


Tafadzwa Roberta Muropa

is currently working as a peacebuilding officer at the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe(WCoZ) and is a part time co-ordinator for the Gender Alternatives Trust(GAT), a personal initiative.

Tafadzwa Muropa is a young gender activist, who is concerned about the levels of violence against women and girls, not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa as a whole. She forms part of a civil society organisation which advocates for young women’s participation in national and regional blocks such as SADC & African Union, and for voicing young people interests at a community level. Influenced by her passion, she envisages an Africa that will have a place in the global community, that will be free from poverty, violent conflict and disease. She is also passionate about advancing women’s rights at all levels particularly in communities where traditional practices have not yet promoted the elevation of women’s status in the community. However, she also feels that the nature of African politics has not been gender sensitive, hence not enough young women have a say in Africa's future.


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