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Nkhensani Valoyi

Futurist Profile


Nkhensani Valoyi

Senior Research Strategist (NAYD) Research Desk
UpRoot Development
Secretary General for SAWARA-N

Thought Leadership for Africa’s Renewal, African Economic Politics - The Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute

Nkhensani answered a few questions about her perspective and on being a futures thinker.


You identify yourself as an African futures thinker or practitioner. How would you describe to the woman or man on the street what it is that you do in this regard?

I would describe the woman/man on the street as the heart of African’s development. I see them as people that have ideas which are locked in their minds due to lack of confidence to express them resulting from historic oppression and lack of advantage and access.

How many years have you worked as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

I have started being a Patriotic African since 2011. I started seeing the potential that our Continent has. So let’s make it 3 years.

In which countries or places have you had working experience as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Since most of my involvement is online, I am able to influence African Youth online by changing their perception of Africa to the better of Africans through various online platforms, including my very own Ubuntu Practice- African Unity which is on Facebook. I have been fortunate to have crossed paths with many African countries. Mostly Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zambia, Cameroon and South Africa.

In what languages have you undertaken futures / foresight related work or research?


What is it that motivates you to work or participate in the foresight / future studies / related field

I work with organisations that stand for what I believe in, which is Ubuntu. I was encouraged to take part after reading a few articles on the site, the team is amazing and so is the work.

What goal/s would you most like to reach with your work as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Since I am delving deep into Youth’s Skills Development in Africa, my goal is to see African Youth have access to opportunities, from the rural small village to the locations. I would also love to see my volunteering project which is now only based in South Africa for students to grow into placing students in various African Countries to develop their skills for sustainable transformation.

Who or what most influenced your thinking as a futures thinker / practitioner, and how?

Thabo Mbeki and Prof Claude Ake

What is your main disciplinary background? (i.e. your primary training / qualification)

Thought Leadership, African Economic Politics, Finance and Psychology.

How do other people describe you and how do you describe yourself?

Others describe me as… passionate

I describe myself as… hilarious



What is one of your favourite quotes about the future?

“Africa’s wealth is hidden in the thoughts of African Youth and children.” - Nkhensani Valoyi

How would you describe the state of African futures thinking right now?

It is in the peak, Africans are now aware of what happened, what is happening and what will happen.

What is, in your opinion, the main barrier to uptake of futures knowledge by African institutions and organisations?

Access to funding.

If you were to give advice to someone who wants a career in African foresight / future studies, what would you say to him or her?

I would like to see the passion, if I spot it, I would tell them to apply it. Engage with FFD, since the team is an amazing team, I know you they will give advice.

What are your recommended readings for every African futures thinker / practitioner?

  • Africa’s Project Report for each year.
  • Chinua Achebe - Things fall apart
  • Ngugi wa Thiong’o - Decolonising the Mind
  • Frantz Fanon- Black Skin white Masks
  • Thabo Mbeki - I am African Speech

What are your recommendations for other favourite futures resources: websites, newsfeeds, mailing lists, associations, etc.?


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