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Onyi Anyado

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Onyi Anyado

Entrepreneur, Conference Speaker & Life Coach: Onyi Anyado Media House

Onyi is the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House and is a multiple award-winning international Conference Speaker, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Author & Global Thinker.

From his message of distinction, he speaks on educational, business & corporate platforms around the world teaching, training & coaching people how to become distinguished in their chosen field.

Onyi answered a few questions about his perspective and on being a futures thinker.


You identify yourself as an African futures thinker or practitioner. How would you describe to the woman or man on the street what it is that you do in this regard?

As an African futures thinker, I equip, empower and enlighten people how to become distinguished in their chosen field.

How many years have you worked as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

Two years.

In which countries or places have you had working experience as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

My message of distinction has been received in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.

In what languages have you undertaken futures / foresight related work or research?


What is it that motivates you to work or participate in the foresight / future studies / related field

The future we think about tomorrow is actually today and I like to bring people from the future to the present, in one day.

What goal/s would you most like to reach with your work as an African futures thinker / practitioner?

My main goal is to become regarded, respected and recognised as a distinguished African global thinker.

Who or what most influenced your thinking as a futures thinker / practitioner, and how?

The millions of young Africans who are looking for hope and direction are big influences in my life.

What is your main disciplinary background? (i.e. your primary training / qualification)

My background is entrepreneurship and leadership.

How do other people describe you and how do you describe yourself?

Others describe me as… Mr. Distinction
I describe myself as… A servant leader



What is one of your favourite quotes about the future?

"Entrepreneur, your distinction in the future will come from what you create tomorrow, today." - Onyi Anyado

How would you describe the state of African futures thinking right now?

Africa is crying out for entrepreneurial leaders and for leaders who are entrepreneurial.

What is, in your opinion, the main barrier to uptake of futures knowledge by African institutions and organisations?

I think a barrier is holding on to the old way of doing things. Thankfully I believe there has been a shift in the mind-set and change is being embraced.

If you were to give advice to someone who wants a career in African foresight / future studies, what would you say to him or her?

Start local, think global and constantly raise the bar of excellence.

What are your recommended readings for every African futures thinker / practitioner?

The Doorway To Distinction : 200 Quotes To Inspire You To Reach New Levels Of Excellence - Onyi Anyado

What are your recommendations for other favourite futures resources: websites, newsfeeds, mailing lists, associations, etc.?



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