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Stop the world, I want to get off. Is there an exit strategy from Earth for Earthlings? Space travel and exploration - and, dare we say the word, colonisation - are often discussed by sci-fi fans and astrophysicists; far less so by futurists. People-first is often the motto of futurists, but maybe they mean Earth-first. Don't assume that space exploration isn't part of human futures. Nasa may be have shut down the Shuttle Programme, but the space race is still on, and the International Space Station is very, very real.


"To infinity and beyond!" [Source: Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.]


With the words of our second-favourite space traveller - (Mark Shuttleworth is still top of our list) - ringing in our ears, our June edition of Bibliozone Plus spotlights space exploration and human activity, including possible habitation, on planetary environments other than Earth.



Space - final frontier or commodities market?

  • Space flight in a global context. Some policy implications are discussed in this Carnegie Foundation-funded publication. Read more...
  • Space colonisation and its benefits. An opinion from Boeing on how space colonisation can deliver benefits to Earth.
  • Irrational dream? An argument against 'expensive and lofty' space excursions.
  • Humans in space. MIT describes the future of human space flight.
  • Space flight from an Indian perspective. Read this paper from Boston University on space flight, exploration, colonisation and the search for extraterrestrial life. 
  • A futurist's perspective. Dr Steinmuller offers his opinion on foresight and space.
  • On China's space programme. A thesis from the New University of Lisbon on China's space programme.
  • Planning the unplannable? Scenario analysis methodology and space exploration.
  • Climate change on Mars. Is the concept of climate change relevant to Mars?
  • Same values, different planet. An article on detecting and mining commodities on other planets.
  • Living in a lava tube on the Moon. An article on the Indian space programme's search for habitable sites on Lunar.


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