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About us

Who we are

The Rockefeller Foundation was the founding sponsor of the Foresight for Development initiative which was developed and is hosted by the Southern Africa Node of the Millennium Project. It is established as an open access and public interest resource.

Foresight for Development is accountable to the directors of the Southern Africa Node of the Millennium Project.

We support the effective use of foresight for Africa's future by aggregating, enhancing and promoting futures thinking and practice in Africa.


Our objectives

These are our objectives:

  • Provide a digital repository of the most important and influential regional foresight content from futures practice, activities and sources.
  • Assemble a regional community of futurists and foresight practitioners.
  • Share foresight case studies, methodologies, tools, news, calendars, and experiences.
  • Feature African foresight initiatives and practitioners.
  • Be the gateway to relevant foresight products and resources in Africa.

Our guiding principles

Guiding how we work is this set of principles:

  • Focus on the developing world as far as foresight is concerned.
  • Promote innovation through foresight thinking and practice in Africa.
  • Balance foresight theory and practice in and for Africa.
  • Build the credibility of African foresight content.
  • Work for the common good by offering free access to our online content.

Our platform

Foresight for Development's online platform www.foresightfordevelopment.org gives futurists and foresight practitioners, intellectuals and academics, policymakers, civil society organisations, the media, university and college students, and the donor community free access to aggregated, credible foresight and futures content from and about Africa.


Our contact details

The team behind Foresight for Development, spread across the continent, works in a virtual, distributed way.

As an initiative of the South Africa Node of the Millennium Project (a section 21 company duly incorporated in South Africa, registration number 2007/025306/08), their home is ours, and their physical home is IERI, 159 Skinner Street, Pretoria, 0001, Gauteng, South Africa.

Contact Foresight for Development.


Our website policy

Our website policy:

  • Editorial independence.
  • Free access to our content for registered users.
  • Registration required for uploading content to our online repository.
  • Efficient use of digital technologies and, wherever possible, preference for open-source tools and methodologies.
  • Use of our site is at a user's own risk, and under no circumstances are we liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising from use our website and/or its contents.
  • Encourage constructive dialogue about Africa's future.
  • Accurately sourced and referenced content, wherever possible.
  • Zero tolerance of plagiarism.
  • Zero tolerance of defamatory, threatening, offensive or unlawful acts which violate or infringe on others' rights (both private and public), or which are abusive, defamatory, an invasion of privacy, obscene, profane, threatening, unlawful, or vulgar, or which causes distress to or involves harassment of or inconvenience for, or which incites hatred of, any person.


Foresight for Development welcomes your feedback. Contact us today.

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