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Tackling obesities: Future choices – Obesogenic environments

Author: Maria Duggan, Mary Lawrence, Bryony Butland
Organisation: UK Government Office for Science
Publish Date: 2007
Country: United Kingdom
Sector: Health
Method: Creative thinking
Theme: Food
Type: Report
Language: English
Tags: Obesity, Childhood obesity, Challenges, Socio-economic scenarios, Economic drivers, Societal solutions

Childhood overweight and obesity, now affecting 10% of the world's children, may, in many developing country populations, have a particularly serious effect, because of the fundamental biological effects with early malnutrition amplifying the effects of later excess weight gain. Thus these "epigenetic" effects engender a special susceptibility to abdominal obesity with its serious Childhood obesity, consequences, and make the population doubly sensitive to developing diabetes and other chronic diseases. Therefore factors which promote excess energy intake or inactivity in the developing world's children may have an even more serious impact on health than that already seen in North America and Europe.
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