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A new look at long-term labor force projections to 2050
Among the factors affecting the composition and growth of the labour force over the next 50 years are the ageing of the baby-boom generation, the stabilization of women’s labour force participation r

Author: Mitra Toossi
Organisation: Monthly Labor Review
Publish Date: November 2006
A Parliament with Teeth for Tanzania
In this candid and balanced report, three eminent parliamentarians describe their roles in these far-reaching reforms: from the first parliamentary committee of enquiry, to regular Prime Minister’s Q

Author: Samuel Sitta, Willibrod Slaa & John Cheyo
Organisation: Africa Research Institute
Publish Date: 2008
A Policy Coherence Roadmap in ICT and Infrastructure Pillar towards Knowledge Society Development in Kenya
Any policy in government has to be aligned to the Kenya Vision 2030. ICT policy provides a roadmap for ICT implementation and coherence. Policies seem to be weak in compliance of action plans.

Author: ICT and INFRASTRUCTURE Pillar- Kenya
Organisation: ICT and INFRASTRUCTURE Pillar- Kenya
Publish Date: No date
A Policy Coherence Roadmap in ICT and Infrastructure Pillar towards Knowledge Society Development in Tanzania
Notes that Knowledge Society (KS) in Tanzania is at a low level, Implementation of KS enabler policies are erratic, Leadership (willingness & commitment), Human capacity to fully execute KS projects,

Author: Adin, Bernard, Francis, Thomas, Anifa and Rahma
Organisation: Tanzania Group 2 – ICT Pillar
Publish Date: Aug 2012
A prediction of Obesity Trends for Adults and their associated diseases
The National Heart Forum Modelling Team compare trends including the most recent data from Health Survey for England (2000- 2007) to the analysis conducted for the Foresight report for adults in thre

Author: Martin Brown, Tom Byatt, Tim Marsh, Klim McPherson
Organisation: National Heart Forum
Publish Date: 2010
A Real Cultural Revolution
In the evolution of electronics, particularly the new technique of digital printing, Per Gedin sees a process that ‘will change the face of publishing in every country’ and whose advent means that ‘A

Author: Per I. Gedin
Organisation: The Journal of The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation
Publish Date: 2002
A review of global scenario exercises for food security analysis
Reviews the scenario literature with a particular focus on the implications for global food security. In total nine major global scenario studies, published between 2000 and 2012, are covered. Four o

Author: Michiel van Dijk
Organisation: LEI-Wageningen UR
Publish Date: September 2012
A Review of M-Learning Models
In the most recent times, mobile visitors form the fastest growing Web community. The ease with which web pages or information is retrieved from the Web using PDAs or cell phones is a result of the r

Author: Collins N. Udanor, Thomas A. Nwodoh
Organisation: Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Vol 1 No 4 426-435
Publish Date: 2010
A Scenario-Based Holistic Approach To Environmental Flow Assessments
Sustainable use of river ecosystems requires that they be managed holistically. This paper describes an holistic methodology, DRIFT (Downstream Response to Imposed Flow Transformation), for advising

Author: Jackie King, Cate Brown and Hossein Sabet
Organisation: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Publish Date: 2003
A Study of Personal Service Robot Future Marketing Trend
The new market for the robotics can be concluded into industrial service, personal service and professional service three segments. For personal service robot (PSR) segment, utilizations are includin

Author: James K. C. Chen, Algane Jong, Benjamin J. C. Yuan, Julia H. J. Liu
Organisation: Institute of Management of Technology, National Chiao Tung University & Institute of management of a
Publish Date: 2006
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