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Acting now for a positive 2018, preparing for radical change the next decade of business and sustainability
In volatile times, it’s hard to predict the future. One thing is clear however – the economic good times of the last decade are gone for the foreseeable future. Forum for the Future and Capgemini hav

Author: Forum for the Future
Organisation: Forum for the Future
Publish Date: December 2008
Addressing Poverty Through City Development Strategies
This literature review explores some of the key issues relating to urban poverty, particularly as they impact upon strategies for city development.

Author: Department for International Development (UK)
Organisation: Department for International Development (UK)
Publish Date: June 2001
Addressing the Climate Change Challenge - What can Agriculture do?
Peter Kuikman, Alterra, Wageningen UR. With Pete Smith and others from EU-PICCMAT.

Author: Peter Kuikman, Pete Smith
Organisation: Wageningen UR
Publish Date: 2008
Advancing Police Leadership: Considerations, Lessons Learned, and Preferable Futures
Effective leadership is a concept both strikingly simple and stunningly complex. Bookshelves are filled with texts defining leadership and detailing the behavior of leaders, yet we struggle to ident

Author: Joseph A. Schafer, Sandy Boyd (editors)
Organisation: Futures Working Group
Publish Date: 2010
Africa 2010: The Key Challenges
What has been achieved and what are the outstanding challenges facing Africa half way between the Africa Commission Report tabled at the Gleneagles Summit and the target date for the Millennium Devel

Author: Myles A Wickstead
Organisation: Millennium Development
Publish Date: 2010
Africa 2025
What possible futures are there for Sub-Saharan Africa?

Author: African Futures
Organisation: African Futures
Publish Date: 2007
Africa 2025 - the lion chronicles
What will Africa be like in 2025? The UNDP asked this question as part of a major research programme and came up with a number of likely scenarios--some positive, some negative. Which will outweigh t

Author: Tom Nevin
Organisation: Tom Nevin
Publish Date: February 2004
Africa 2050: Emerging Results from IFs Modelling Tool
Africa 2050: Emerging Results from IFs Modelling Tool: Julius Gatune. The Futures of Africa Project - University of Denver.

Author: Julius Gatune
Organisation: University of Denver
Publish Date: 2007
Africa 2060: Good News from Africa
This conference report begins with an overview that captures the major issues discussed at the event, enriched by additional information and perspectives relevant to any discussion of Africa’s future

Author: Cynthia Barakatt, Alfredo Burlando, Julius Gatune Kariuki, Adil Najam, Heran Sereke-Brhan
Organisation: Boston University Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study for the Longer-Range Future
Publish Date: April 2010
Africa 2063: How Cities Will Shape the Future of a Continent
The last two decades have been marked by a profound turn-around in the perceptions of Africa, both within the continent and internationally. This change has been driven primarily by the exceptional e

Author: Edgar Pieterse, Tobia Zevi
Organisation: Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)
Publish Date: May 2019
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