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Africa and Foresight: Better Futures in Development
The African Union's "Agenda 2063" and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with their promises of economic growth, social equality and a healthy environment, must be realized in volatile and

Author: Peter van de Pol
Organisation: UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence
Publish Date: 2017
Africa and the Arab Spring: A New Era of Democratic Expectations
Military coups in Mali and Guinea-Bissau have overshadowed a deepening institutionalization of democratic processes in Africa over the past decade. These advances have been augmented by a growing com

Author: Africa Center for Strategic Studies, Washington, D.C.
Organisation: Africa Center for Strategic Studies, Washington, D.C.
Publish Date: November 2011
Africa Atlas of Our Changing Environment
The Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment brings compelling visual and scientifi c evidence of environmental change derived from the Earth observation sciences to a broader audience; builds aware

Author: United Nations Environment Programme
Organisation: United Nations Environment Programme
Publish Date: 2008
Africa Energy Outlook 2040
The scope of the study for the energy sector covers the supply, demand, production and transport of commercial energy to the extent that they have a regional dimension.

Author: Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA)
Organisation: Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA)
Publish Date: No date
Africa Environment Outlook - Past, present and future perspectives
The Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) report provides a comprehensive and integrated analysis of Africa’s environment. AEO contains a detailed assessment of the current state of the environment in the

Author: B. Ayeni, A. Ballance, M. Chenje, T.M. Chiuta, D.M. Nightingale, E. Laisi, Y. Moyini, T. Tata, C. de Villiers
Publish Date: 2000
Africa Environment Outlook 2 - Our Environment, Our Wealth
AEO-2 provides a comprehensive assessment of environmental state-and-trends, and the implications of this for human well-being and development. The assessment includes an analysis of policy responses

Author: R. Arthurton, H. Beekman, R. Biggs, M. Chenje, C. Huggins, P. Kameri-Mbote, K. Korateng, W. Küper, K. Kulindwa, N. Makoni, N. Manda, J.C. Mohamed-Kate
Organisation: AMCEN / UNEP
Publish Date: 2006
Africa Environment Outlook for Youth: Our Region – Our Life
The trumpet call has sounded all over Africa and the youth have responded enthusiastically. This publication is the youth version of the premier Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) report. AEO was the f

Author: United Nations Environment Programme
Organisation: United Nations Environment Programme
Publish Date: 2005
Africa Health Strategy: 2007–2015
Africa has made significant strides in certain areas of social and economic development but has the potential to achieve even more if it can overcome the large burden of disease which continues to be

Author: African Union
Organisation: African Union
Publish Date: 2007
Africa in 2020: Discussion Paper
The 2020 scenario exercise was designed to extend the comprehensive 2015 exercise completed by the National Intelligence Council in December 2000. This paper first reviews the 2015 document and then

Author: National Intelligence Council
Organisation: National Intelligence Council
Publish Date: January 2004
Africa in 2020: Three Scenarios For The Future
This paper identifies three scenarios for Africa in 2020: Where Africa takes charge, where it follows, and a ‘patchwork quilt’ where some countries lead and others fall behind.

Author: Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills
Organisation: The Brenthurst Foundation
Publish Date: 2006
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