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Back to the Future: Revisiting Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems
A hitherto disregarded vast group of farmers—those mixing crops with livestock on ‘in between’ lands— neither high-potential farmlands nor low-potential rangelands—are heavyweights in global food sec

Author: Corporate Report 2009–2010 International Livestock Research Institute
Organisation: International Livestock Research Institute
Publish Date: 2010
Banking and capital markets: Operating in the future
Is your operating vision clearly defined? The future started yesterday. With bank revenues increasing again, particularly in investment banking, there is a danger that the lessons learned in the stre

Author: Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Organisation: Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Publish Date: 2010
Baseline data on poverty, refugees and ICTs in Eastern Africa
This report focuses on establishing a baseline of the most recent data on the three topics of poverty and inequality, migration and urbanisation (with a focus on conflict-induced movements) and infor

Author: Society for International Development
Organisation: Society for International Development
Publish Date: January 2010
Being Human: Human-Computer Interaction in the year 2020
The aim of this report is to reflect upon the changes afoot and outline a new paradigm for understanding our relationship with technology. A more extensive set of lenses, tools and methods is needed

Author: Richard Harper, Tom Rodden, Yvonne Rogers and Abigail Sellen
Organisation: Microsoft Corporation
Publish Date: 2008
Being Young in the GHEA: Perceptions, Expectations and Reality
“East Africa's population of children under the age of fifteen increased from 53.3 million in 2005 to 61 million in 2010. Children made up 45% of East Africa's population in 2005 and 44% in 2010. Loo

Author: Society for International Development
Organisation: Society for International Development
Publish Date: 2012
Beyond 2020: Crisis Drivers in West Africa’s Future
A report to ECOWAS presenting the initial findings of research conducted by the HFP on the potential drivers of humanitarian crises, including violent conflict, in the ECOWAS sub-region during the 20

Author: Humanitarian Futures Programme
Organisation: Humanitarian Futures Programme (HFP), King's College London
Publish Date: 2009
Beyond Minority Report: Pre-crime, Pre-punishment and Pre-desert
Utilitarian ethics are apparently incommensurable with other ethical perspectives. Faced with a choice between maximizing general benefit to society and committing an act of injustice, those of us wh

Author: John N. Williams
Organisation: Singapore Management University
Publish Date: 2012
Beyond Oil - What's That?
The catch-word of the day is Sustainability. It’s been used so much lately that it has become legitimate to preface any discussion about it by stating that the term itself has become depleted. On the

Author: H. Palmer, M. Dudley
Organisation: School of Architecture, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm
Publish Date: May 2008
Beyond the food desert: finding ways to speak about urban food security in South Africa
This article introduces the food desert concept to provide a conceptual tool to begin to understand the spatial determinants of urban food insecurity, which are not well captured by the existing fram

Author: Jane Battersby
Organisation: University of Cape Town
Publish Date: 2012
Big Issues in Mobile Learning
What is mobile learning? How to enhance the experience without interfering with it? Affective factors in learning with mobile devices. How can we address the conflicts between personal informal learn

Author: Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence
Organisation: University of Nottingham
Publish Date: 2006
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