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Financing Africa: Through the Crisis and Beyond
The publication takes a fresh look at Africa’s financial systems in the light of major changes that have taken place in the global financial structure in the wake of the 2008 world financial crisis.

Author: Thorsten Beck, Samuel Munzele Maimbo, Issa Faye and Thouraya Triki
Organisation: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank
Publish Date: 2011
Financing Africa’s Future Growth and Development: Some Innovations
Financing Africa’s Future Growth and Development: Some Innovations

Author: Ernest Aryeetey
Organisation: Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research University of Ghana
Publish Date: 2004
Five Scenarios for 2050: Conditions for Agriculture and Land Use
The scenarios presented in this report; Power of states and intergovernmental organisations; Human population; Economic development; Agricultural policy; Natural resources; Consumption patterns and C

Author: Ingrid Öborn, Ulf Magnusson, Jan Bengtsson, Katarina Vrede et al.
Organisation: Future Agriculture
Publish Date: March 2011
Fixing Africa: Once And For All
Fixing Africa, by T Jeff Tall, is an e-book outlining a view of future successes for Africa, and an argument for major regional integration.

Author: Tidjani 'Jeff' Tall
Organisation: www.FixingAfrica.com
Publish Date: 2009
Food and Water Security in South Africa: Present and Future
South Africa is characterised by a paradox of instances of food insecurity amid a national food surplus and 14 million South Africans are vulnerable to food insecurity. Future water shortages will be

Author: Jay Vella
Organisation: Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme
Publish Date: March 2012
Food Animal Agriculture in 2020
Food animal producers are in the middle of a dynamic economic sector that is undergoing significant changes which will continue for decades. Livestock producers are between suppliers of feed (and oth

Author: Richard Reynnells
Organisation: United States Department of Agriculture
Publish Date: 2007
Food consumption trends and drivers
A picture of food consumption (availability) trends and projections to 2050, both globally and for different regions of the world, along with the drivers largely responsible for these observed consum

Author: John Kearny
Organisation: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B
Publish Date: August 2010
Food for 2050: how can sustainability stay on the menu?
In order to feed a population of 9 billion in 2050, the world will need a New Vision for Agriculture - delivering food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity through agricult

Author: Prof. J F Muir
Organisation: UK Foresight Lead Expert Group, UK Government Office for Science
Publish Date: 2011
Food Security and Climate Change in Dry Areas
Shares expertise on food security issues expected to be impacted by climate change and identify mechanisms for cooperation between national, regional and international organizations. The meeting is o

Author: Mahmoud Solh (editor), Mohan C. Saxena (editor)
Organisation: 2011 International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDAA)
Publish Date: 2011
Food security and global environmental change: emerging challenges
Global environmental change (GEC), including land degradation, loss of biodiversity, changes in hydrology, and changes in climate patterns resulting from enhanced anthropogenic emission of greenhouse

Author: Polly J. Ericksen, John S.I. Ingram, Diana M. Liverman
Organisation: Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS) International Project Office Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University Centre for the Env
Publish Date: May 2009
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