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Scenarios and challenges for feeding the world in 2050
To explore possible futures of food and farming systems up to 2050(2) to design and debate orientations and strategies for INRA - CIRAD research agendas(3) to contribute to international debates on f

Author: Sebastien Treyer
Organisation: APF-GCARD
Publish Date: February 2010
Scenarios and Strategies for Africa
With5% of global primary energy use and 15% of theworld’s population,per capita energy consumption in Africa is only a third of the global average.Nearly halfof the current energy

Author: IRENA-Africa high level consultations
Organisation: IRENA-Africa high level consultations
Publish Date: 2011
Scenarios and system dynamics of mobile peer-to-peer content distribution
The success of peer-to-peer technology in the fixed networks has led to peer-to-peer implementations in the mobile networks as well. There is, however, a lot of uncertainty regarding the future of mo

Author: Juuso Olli Aleksi Karikoski
Organisation: Helsinki University Of Technology
Publish Date: March 2009
Scenarios for 2025
These scenarios look forward to 2025.The text is organised as follows:Executive summary Regional discussions:theindustrial economies Regional discussions:the emerging economies Regional discussions

Author: The Challenge Network
Organisation: The Challenge Network
Publish Date: December 2012
Scenarios for Branchless Banking in 2020
The growing use of branchless banking channels over the coming years is inevitable in most countries. But it’s far less certain whether large numbers of the unbanked poor will use these alternative c

Author: Mark Pickens, David Porteous, and Sarah Rotman
Organisation: Department for International Development (DFID)
Publish Date: October 2009
Scenarios for future scientific and technological developments in developing countries 2005-2015
This document is the final report of the European Commission (EC) funded project Scenarios of future science and technology developments in developing countries hereafter referred to as SCOPE 2015. T

Author: European Commission
Organisation: European Commission
Publish Date: March 2006
Scenarios for Higher Education, 2020
Keynote address at OECD Ministerial Meeting June 27th, Athens – Greece

Author: Dr.ir. J.M.M. Ritzen
Organisation: OECD Ministerial Meeting
Publish Date: 2006
Scenarios for Sudan's Future Revisited
Sudan is less than six months away from a seminal event: the referendum on whether Southern Sudan remains part of a united Sudan or secedes. In an effort to stimulate discussion of and planning for t

Author: Jon Temin, Jair van der Lijn
Organisation: United States Institute of Peace
Publish Date: July 2010
Scenarios for the Poorest: The View from 2030
More than 1 billion people are currently extremely poor and around half of these are likely to remain poor all of their lives and transfer their poverty status to their children. Unless development p

Author: Outsights insights from the outside
Organisation: Outsights insights from the outside
Publish Date: 2004
Scenarios for the Role of Libraries in Scholarly Publishing
Scenarios for the Role of Libraries in Scholarly Publishing

Author: Susan Gibbons
Organisation: River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Publish Date: May 2010
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