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Science and Technology foresight a Provocative tool for contending with future challenges in food safety and public veterinary medicine
The author describes how foresight methods can provide a provacative approach to some of the key challenges faced by the world of animal health care and public veterinary practises while support

Author: Smith,J
Organisation: Veterinana
Publish Date: 2007
Science and Technology Foresight - Animal Health Foresight Project
The Science and Technology Foresight Directorate (STFD) of the Office of the National Science Advisor(ONSA) produces documents and reports for the benefit of sponsors, participants and professionals

Author: Lynelle Spring
Organisation: Technology Foresight Directorate
Publish Date: March 2005
Searchlight Convening: The Future of the Urban Poor
By providing a regular stream of future-oriented intelligence, the Searchlight function offers a deeper understanding of the changing global ecosystem in which global institutions operate and looking

Author: Intellecap and the Rockefeller Foundation
Organisation: Intellecap and the Rockefeller Foundation
Publish Date: April 2011
Searchlight Report: Building a Searchlight Function
The Rockefeller Foundation believes that a critical component to establishing a successful trend scanning enterprise involves bringing the practitioners together to learn from each other, share knowl

Author: Society for International Development and The Rockefeller Foundation
Organisation: Society for International Development and The Rockefeller Foundation
Publish Date: April 2010
Seasonal Climate Forecasting: Who Can Use It And How Should It Be Disseminated?
Recent technical progress in seasonal climate forecasting, particularly in relation to the El Niño Southern Oscillation, has stimulated considerable interest from potential users such as large-scale

Author: Roger Blench
Organisation: ODI, National Resource Perspectives
Publish Date: November 1999
Securing 2020 vision for 2030: climate change and ensuring resilience in water and sanitation services
Drinking-water supply and sanitation services are essential for human health, but their technologies and management systems are potentially vulnerable to climate change. An assessment was made of the

Author: Guy Howard, Katrina Charles, Kathy Pond, Anca Brookshaw, Rifat Hossain and Jamie Bartram
Organisation: Journal of Water and Climate Change
Publish Date: 2010
Security & Society
Society owes its very existence to the basic human need for collective security. In this way, security and society are synonymous. Without one, the other ceases to be.
Author: IBM Global Innovation Outlook
Organisation: IBM Global Innovation Outlook
Publish Date: 2008
Seismic methods in mineral exploration and mine planning: a general overview of past and present case histories and a look into the future
Presents past and recent trends in the use of seismic methods in mineral exploration and mine planning. It is obvious that seismic methods are becoming an important exploration tool, especially for d

Author: Alireza Malehmir, Raymond Durrheim, Gilles Bellefleur et al
Organisation: CSIR and Upsala University, Sweden
Publish Date: 2012
Selecting Best Policies and Law for Future Generations
Out of international treaties signed in recent years, a body of rules of international law is now emerging to defend the rights and needs of future generations and to promote sustainability. Out of t

Author: Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Rajat Ran
Organisation: Centre for International Sustainable Development Law
Publish Date: 2008
Serving the Water and Sanitation Sector: Resource centre experiences, developments and future trends
In a complex and challenging world people need access to a collective information and knowledge base that can help them to find the best way forward, and prevent them from making the same mistakes th

Author: Liqa Raschid-Sally, Mariëlle Snel, Teun Bastemeijer
Organisation: IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre
Publish Date: 2001
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