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Southern Africa Beyond The Millenium: Environmental Trends And Scenarios To 2015
This paper examines current environmental trends in the southern Africa region and environmental scenarios for the next 20 years to the year 2015, and relates these to socio-economic and geopolitical

Author: Barry Dalal-Clayton
Organisation: International Institute for Environment and Development
Publish Date: March 1997
Southern Africa: 2020 Public Policy Priorities for the Next Decade
In the world media Africa is often portrayed in terms of crisis and emergency. Yet, in many parts of Southern Africa there are notable success stories: Politically stable nation-states with growing e

Author: Mark Hannam and Jonathan Wolff (editors)
Organisation: Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID)
Publish Date: May 2010
Southern African Scenarios 2015: Renaissance, Asymmetry or Decline and Decay?
Southern African Scenarios 2015: Renaissance, Asymmetry orDecline andDecay?

Author: Tim Hughes .et al
Organisation: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA
Publish Date: 2003
Southern African Vision For Water, Life and Environment In the 21st Century
The main objective of the regional Vision for Water, Life and the Environment is to develop a widely-shared vision of a desirable future and the action required to accomplish that Vision. The vision

Author: SADC
Organisation: SADC
Publish Date: 2009
Space Colonization: Benefits for the World
We have begun to colonize space, even to the extent of early space tourism. Our early Vostok, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Spacehab, Mir and now ISS are humankind’s first ventures toward coloniza

Author: WH Siegfried
Organisation: Boeing
Publish Date: 2009
Space Tourism Market Study: Orbital space travel & destinations with suborbital space travel
In this report, Futron Corporation, the industry leader in forecasting space-related markets, provides powerful insight into the public space travel (space tourism) market. The insight is provided vi

Author: Futron Corporation
Organisation: Futron Corporation
Publish Date: October 2002
Sparknet Scenarios for the Future - Gender Issues
Includes:1. Gender-Energy-Poverty Linkages 2.Key issues in gender and energy3. Energy sector issues related to gender arising from country studies

Author: Sparknet
Organisation: Sparknet
Publish Date: 2004
Sport and Recreation South Africa: Strategic Plan 2011-2015
The Department’s Strategic Plan for 2011-2015 continues to execute its mandate to create possibilities to enable many South Africans of varied backgrounds and disciplines to have access to sport and

Author: Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA)
Organisation: Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA)
Publish Date: March 2011
Sport business in the global marketplace
Sport Business in the Global Marketplace explains how sport has become a vast industry, an entrenched social institution and a robust political arena driven by the insatiable entertainment appetite o

Author: Hans Westerbeek and Aaron Smith
Organisation: Palgrave Macmillan
Publish Date: October 2002
Sports Forecasting
Predicting the outcome of sporting events certainly falls within the purview of the field of forecasting. Moreover, the large amount of data regarding the outcomes of sporting events makes it possibl

Author: H.O. Stekler
Organisation: Research Program on Forecasting, The George Washington University
Publish Date: August 2007
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