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Wage Subsidies to Combat Unemployment and Poverty: Assessing South Africa’s Options
Wage or employment subsidies have been used in both developed and developing countries to raise employment levels. Various advisers to the South African government have endorsed wage subsidies as a p

Author: Justine Burns, Lawrence Edwards, Karl Pauw
Organisation: International Food policy Research institute (IFPRI)
Publish Date: 2010
Waiting for a Green Revolution
Predictions of a Green Revolution in Africa are overstated. Investment in African agriculture has been neglected by governments and donors. The proportion of aid allocated to agriculture fell from 17

Author: Africa Research Institute
Organisation: Africa Research Institute
Publish Date: November 2009
War and Peace Scenarios in Northern Uganda
Since 1986 the north of Uganda has been suffering from an armed conflict in which the armed opposition group the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), motivated by its messianic religious leader, Joseph Kony

Author: Josep Maria Royo
Organisation: School for a Culture of Peace (Escola de Cultura de Pau)
Publish Date: July 2008
Water and Sanitation Services for the Urban Poor - Small-Scale Providers: Typology & Profiles
For several years, the World Bank has been promoting the participation of the private sector in the water and sanitation sector at the formal level focusing on utilities performance and regulatory re

Author: Suzanne Snell
Organisation: UNDP - World Bank Water and Sanitation Program
Publish Date: December 1998
Water Facts and Trends
The WBCSD Water and Sustainable Development Program aims to enhance awareness in the business community of critical water issues while actively promoting mutual understanding between business and non

Author: World Business Council for Suistainable Development
Organisation: World Business Council for Suistainable Development
Publish Date: August 2005
Water for Growth and Development in Africa: A framework for an effective mosaic of investment
This report on Water for Growth and Development in Africa wishes to convey a global message to those working both inside and outside the international water community: Wise investments in managing an

Author: World Water Council
Organisation: World Water Council
Publish Date: September 2011
Water Management in the Near East and North Africa
A fact sheet on climate change in North Africa and the Near East

Author: FAO and Climate Change Forum
Organisation: FAO and Climate Change Forum
Publish Date: 2009
Water Research Commission Final Report
Water Research Commission Final Report <br /> <br

Author: Dr Valerie Naidoo
Organisation: Water Research Commission
Publish Date: 2009
Water resource management and climate change in South Africa: Visions, driving factors and sustainable development indicators
The Sustainable Development and Climate Change Project is an initiative of 12 institutes from developing and developed countries. It explores the idea that a less polarised way of meeting the challen

Author: Pierre Mukheibir and Debbie Sparks
Organisation: Energy and Development Research Centre, University of Cape Town
Publish Date: April 2003
Water Resources Planning and Management in the Olifants Basin of South Africa: Past, Present and Future
South Africa is seeking to revolutionize the way it manages its water resources. Water is especially scarce in South Africa. Further, there is a long history of providing large quantities of water to

Author: M. de Lange, D. J. Merrey, H. Levite, and M. Svendsen
Organisation: IWMI
Publish Date: February 2003
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