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Youth 21: Building an Architecture for Youth Engagement in the UN System
There are currently 1.2 billion youth in the world, the largest number of youth ever to have existed. The majority of these youth live in developing countries where most face daunting challenges, liv

Organisation: UN-HABITAT
Publish Date: January 2012
Youth Employment Interventions in Africa
The world is facing a global youth employment crisis. The structural nature of the global jobs crisis is such that there is a call for a more definite push for growth and job-oriented strategies.

Author: Biniyam Mekasha Yemane, Judica Amri-Lawson
Organisation: International Labour Organization
Publish Date: 2012
Youth Factbook: Infinite Possibility or Definite Disaster
The purpose of this fact book is to document the state of youth in Kenya.More specifically,the fact book seeks to present different youth indicators for purposes of providing an overview of age, gend

Author: Katindi Sivi Njonjo
Organisation: Institute Of Economic Affairs
Publish Date: 2010
Youth in the Middle East and North Africa: Demographic Opportunity or Challenge?
Nearly one in five people living in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is between the ages of 15 and 24—the age group defined as "youth." The current number of youth in the region is unpr

Author: Ragui Assaad and Farzaneh Roudi-Fahimi
Organisation: Ragui Assaad and Farzaneh Roudi-Fahimi
Publish Date: 2007
Youth Policy and the Future of African Development
This study focuses on the state of youth in Africa, especially their well-being and their participation in the economy. The study undertakes a broad review of existing studies and policy frameworks o

Author: Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong, Mwangi S. Kimenyi
Organisation: Africa Growth Initiative
Publish Date: 2013
Youth Population in South Africa - Prospects for the Demographic Dividend
This fact sheet is a summary of the synthesis report which highlights briefly some of the key findings that emanated from the series of thematic papers that were commissioned by the Department of Soc

Author: Department of Social Development
Organisation: Human Science Research Council (HSRC)
Publish Date: 2009
Youth Skills Development, Informal Employment and the Enabling Environment in Kenya: Trends and Tensions
The paper presents critiques and perceptions influencing recent post-basic education reforms, outlines factors in the economy and the non-economic environment which mediate the relationship between e

Author: David Balwanz
Organisation: University of Maryland
Publish Date: 2012
Youth unemployment and employment policy: a global perspective
Youth unemployment has reached high levels across a wide range of countries and, almost everywhere, rates are significantly higher than adult rates.
Author: Nail O’Higgins
Organisation: International Labour Office
Publish Date: 2001
Youth Unemployment: Déjà Vu?
Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing economic and social problems confronting those countries whose labor markets have weakened substantially since 2008, following the near-collapse of worl

Author: David Bell, David G. Blanchflower
Organisation: Division of Economics University of Stirling, Scotland. The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Publish Date: 2010
Youth, Jobs, and Structural Change: Confronting Africa’s “Employment Problem”
Africa has enjoyed fifteen years of sustained economic growth. Per capita income for the region as a whole is rising steadily, and regional growth has exceeded the global average. During the last dec

Author: John Page
Organisation: African Development Bank
Publish Date: 2012
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