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Putting Young Africans to Work: Addressing Africa’s youth unemployment crisis

Author: Jonathan Oppenheimer, Michael Spicer et al.
Organisation: The Brenthurst Foundation
Publish Date: 2011
Country: Zambia
Sector: Economic
Method: Creative thinking
Theme: Employment
Type: Assement
Language: English
Tags: Employment, Youth unemployment, Employment generation, Urban employment, Rural employment

Finding new and innovative ways to address youth unemployment is one of the Zambian government’s most urgent priorities. Young people can be a tremendous force for positive change in society and serve as the engine which drives the country’s development. The current situation presents some unique challenges which government cannot tackle alone. Zambia is continuing to experience rural-urban migration, as young people in the countryside seek better, higher-paying jobs in the cities. Lusaka, the capital and economic hub of the country, is the preferred destination of most young people. Naturally, informal settlements have risen in parts of the city, which has placed increasing strains on our health and education systems. To stem this tide, young people need to be attractive employment opportunities in other parts of the country, not just in agriculture but also in tourism, services and other high-growth potential sectors.
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