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SA2020 Consolidated Document

Author: African Leadership Institute (AfLI)
Organisation: African Leadership Institute (AfLI)
Publish Date: March 2005
Country: South Africa
Method: Scenarios
Theme: General
Type: Document
Language: English
Tags: African Leadership Institute, AfLI, South Africa, SA2020

In the early 1990s, at a time of great uncertainty, a group of 25 committed South Africans representing a wide spectrum of opinions met regularly over several months in a pivotal exercise that helped shape the future of the nation. The product of that process came to be known as the Mont Fleur Scenarios: fascinating and probing stories sketching different possibilities of how South Africa could develop in the next decade, depending on what strategies might be employed by the political leadership of the time. Most of those who participated in the exercise were in positions to be able to influence the thinking of the leadership, and are now themselves high profile leaders in different sectors of South African life, including being Ministers in the Government.
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