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A Review of M-Learning Models

Author: Collins N. Udanor, Thomas A. Nwodoh
Organisation: Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Vol 1 No 4 426-435
Publish Date: 2010
Country: Global
Sector: Education
Method: Forecasting
Theme: ICT
Type: Journal
Language: English
Tags: m-learning model, m-learning framework, mobile agents

In the most recent times, mobile visitors form the fastest growing Web community. The ease with which web pages or information is retrieved from the Web using PDAs or cell phones is a result of the rapid development in wireless technologies like GPRS, EDGE, etc. Also the development of educational technologies tends to be more mobile, portable and personalized. This development is quickly changing the traditional classroom learning to the electronic learning (E-learning). Mobile Learning (M-Learning), an extension of e-learning is based on the use of mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, smart phones, notebooks, etc over wireless networks to provide interaction between learners and teachers ‘anywhere and anytime’. Much of the interest so far in m-learning has been focused on development of tools for teacher administration, classroom management, quizzes and note-taking. This paper presents an evaluation of some M-learning models developed in an attempt to formulate a standard for future m-learning systems.
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