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Future Agriculture – Livestock, crops and land use

Author: Katarina Vrede, Ingrid Öborn, Lotta Rydhmer, Jan Bengtsson et al.
Organisation: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: Future Agriculture
Publish Date: 2012
Country: Global
Sector: Agriculture
Method: Forecasting
Theme: Food
Type: Report
Tags: Agriculture, Land use, Livestock, Crops, Foresight

The changes and challenges facing agriculture in the future will be substantial, not only in Sweden but globally. The conditions for animal husbandry and cultivation of crops for food and other products are strongly affected by climate, resource availability and societal demands in a global context. All of these factors are changing and imposing increasing pressures on global ecological and agricultural production systems. Thus, to meet the challenges, the development of more diverse agricultural systems, multi-functional strategies, and improvements in nutrient, water and energy use efficiency are urgently required (IAASTD, 2009), all of which must be underpinned by robust, scientifically-based knowledge. Further, since the challenges are multi-dimensional, multi- and inter-disciplinary research and international collaboration are essential. In addition, strong stakeholder involvement and constructive dialogue between academia and policymakers are needed. This requires arenas for discussions and collaboration in order to facilitate dialogue and initiate cross-cutting research. The research platform Future Agriculture – Livestock, Crops and Land Use provides such an arena
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