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Agriculture II

Insight into Agriculture

Adrian Mukhebi - Chairman of the Kenya Agricultural Commodities Exchange (KACE).

“Before [services like MFarm], farmers were being exploited by middlemen. Now, with information via mobiles, farmers are better able to bargain prices against middlemen, and can in some cases increase 25-35% of their profits."

Barada Panigrahy - Faculty member of the Faculty of Management Studies at the Sri Sri University

“For any civilization to prosper, agriculture has to be healthy and sustainable."

Dr David Suzuki - Academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist.

“Urban agriculture won't resolve all food production and distribution problems, but it could help take pressure off rural land while providing other advantages."

General José Graziano da Silva - FAO Director

“The future of agriculture is not input-intensive, but knowledge-intensive. This is the new paradigm."

Michael Pollan - The Omnivore’s Dilemma

“Agriculture has done more to reshape the natural world than anything else we humans do, both its landscapes and its fauna and flora. Our eating also constitutes a relationship with dozens of other species - plants, animals and fungi - with which we have co-evolved to the point where our fates are deeply intertwined."

Colin Hurd - Founder and CEO of Smart Ag

“Farming should no longer be defined by what the equipment industry decides is better or more profitable. We believe agriculture is best when farmers have choices. The best way to improve our customers’ operational capacity is to enable them to use automation and driverless technology on their farms. With the correct technology and knowledge, farmers can do the seemingly impossible."

Gayle Sheppard - Vice President and General Manager, Intel® Saffron™ AI

“The industry will be transformed by data science and Artificial Intelligence. Farmers will have the tools to get the most from every acre."

Ros Harvey - The Yield

“Agriculture has the lowest level of digitization of any industry. That’s an enormous opportunity. The internet of things is the basis of the future of agriculture.

Agriculture needs something to drive growth in productivity and sustainable intensification of food production."

Hermann Buitkamp - Secretary of ISO technical committee

“IoT will play a very important role for future farming and will enable farmers to be much more precise, with centimetre-level accuracies. Thus, the old scattergun approach is definitely a thing of the past. The benefits resulting from this are tremendous – both in an economic and ecological sense."

Nikolas Badminton - Futurist and columnist

“Sensors in the field, sensors on cattle, even moving toward the ideas of vertical farming, home farming, the Internet of Things means you don’t have to be there tending day in, day out. You can actually optimize these things from afar. It means there’s going to be something really exciting in the future around being very autonomous and small groups of people running very large operations."

Derek Norman - Head of Corporate Venture Capital at Syngenta Ventures

“By 2050, there will be gene-edited crops, and it will trigger a much wider variety of crops being grown.

The technology to measure soil health, as well as satellite and aerial imagery to monitor crop growth, will be mainstream."


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