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Insight into Drones


Axel Smits - Chairman and Senior Partner, PwC Belgium

"Drone photo and video capabilities are widely applied in the media, entertainment and both public and private security sectors; yet applications are much broader when sensor-equipped drones are combined with data & analytics and machine learning to make use of the vast amounts of information drones can provide. This combination opens up drone use to industries like power generation, utilities, logistics and agriculture, allowing data to be captured and analysed in ways that were previously difficult or impossible."

Marc Lambotte - CEO, Agoria

“The drones of tomorrow will evolve from mere observers to highly automated, autonomously operating and even decision-making tools. The sky’s the limit for the applied science of flying robots – or “dronebots”.”

Anne Goodchild - Professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Washington

“Drones are so lightweight and so energy efficient that they really can compete in terms of… the cost of delivering with other modes.

There are real implementation challenges and airspace management problems, so I see them being implemented first in areas where overland travel is either really dangerous or impossible or really expensive — very remote areas, areas with very poor existing land infrastructure."

Jesse Clayton - Senior manager of product management for intelligent machines at Nvidia

“Over the next five years, we see a transition to drones that are able to navigate and solve tasks more autonomously. For the areas that I mentioned -- industrial inspection, precision agriculture, package delivery, safety and security, search and rescue -- there's going to be an opportunity for UAVs to solve these challenges in a way they haven't been able to before."

Girish Chowdhary - Assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at U of I

“The real game changer will be when drones start working with autonomous ground equipment—small robots that can go under the canopy. Drones are really useful when the canopy closes because you can’t walk n that canopy. Unfortunately, a lot of the time with problems, by the time they’re visible in the canopy it is often too late.

Ground robots that are small enough to drive between the rows and go under the canopy can provide a different perspective on what’s going and potentially work in tandem with the drones to more quickly find the problems and their causes."

Thomas Frey - Futurist

“We will never get to the flying car era. We will get to the era where we get flying drones that haul people, though."

David Cohen

"If you look at the history of innovation, the innovations coming through the defence department have been some of the most important innovations ever. Little things like drones, sensors, and the Internet of Things are defence-type initiatives, but the big one is the Internet itself."


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