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Insight into Housing


Alexandria Lafci - Co-founder of New Story

"We’ll soon co-live in apartments in much the same way we co-work."

Nirav Tolia - Cofounder and CEO of Nextdoor

“I think the future begins to network homes together to drive efficiencies and economies through which the homeowners and the neighborhoods can all benefit,” says “Either through energy savings, security, building community, it is the creation of homes networked to other homes in their proximity that I believe holds tremendous value in ways that are hard to imagine today.

We may find that there will be a ‘public’ and ‘private’ area of the home that allows the owners the flexibility to integrate with the neighborhood, while also maintaining the privacy that is critical in a home."

Richard Schatzberger - Futurist and artificial intelligence designer, and the founder of futurism consultancy Maison Thirteen

“Buttons, switches, and non-entertainment screens will disappear and be replaced with full voice—and, more importantly, living pattern—recognition. Shouting at Alexa to turn off the lights will end, and your home intelligent assistant will have a predictive and private AI, setting up each room exactly as you love it and with what you need it for just before you enter."

Ian Pearson - Founder of Futurizon

“In the future, moving houses will be just a matter of uploading and downloading furniture."

Yves Béhar - Swiss industrial designer and founder of Fuseproject

“For me, the home in 20 years is silent, focused on human interaction, sustainable, healthy, and uniquely shaped experientially for its occupant. I see the systems of the house are passive and efficient. When I walk through the spaces, an overwhelming feeling of peace is the main impression."

Sheila Trichter - Real estate broker from Warburg Realty

“Light fixtures and light bulbs will phase out. The light will come out of the wall itself. Perhaps one will run their fingers over a wall or use a remote and a section or sections of the wall will light up. This will be a combination of style preference and as a way to reduce the space taken up by fixtures, lamps, and other illuminating devices. Many things that take up space will need to phase out as population increases and space becomes even more valuable than it is today."

Nikolas Badminton - Futurist

"Ovens and cookers will exist, but they'll have smart settings and work alongside more-evolved 3D printers that can print pastry goods, confectionary, and meat products from the 'meat culturing' station. Some models will be robotic and automate the preparation of food—and you'll even be able to upgrade them with celebrity chef profiles, for a premium."

Neil Smith - NHBC’s Head of Standards, Innovation and Research

“In the next 30 years we will witness substantial changes to home-life through technological advancement in response to societal, demographic and climate changes. Thinking ahead and considering on a regular basis how the homes we build will need to change to accommodate those demands is a good way to ensure that we are not taken by surprise."

Karim Rashid - Industrial designer

"The surfaces of the future homes will forever change to our needs. The patterned wallpapers are a series of 3D graphic abstract imagery of wireframes. Ideally these surfaces would be made of soft-touch polymers, such as synthetic rubbers, and silicones that are translucent, transparent, and digitally changeable—that all contribute to a new softness of our interior environment. By touching the pellucid surfaces, images text and sound can be surfed, scanned, changed, and morphed."


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