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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: The future of agriculture & food security.


High Level Expert Forum - How to Feed the World in 2050

The High-Level Expert Forum on How to Feed the World in 2050 examined policy options that governments should consider adopting to ensure that the world population can be fed when it nears its peak of nearly 9.2 billion people in the middle of this century.

The Future of Food

This 3-part series of interviews with Dr. Vandana Shiva about the future of food is one of the most contentious, revolutionary, profound, and important discussions of any, we have had to date on Food News. This is more than about the safety of biotechnology; it’s about the ability of all of us to have a choice of the foods that we eat, and for our farmers to be able to freely use their own seeds, and grow food in the manner that they choose.


Part 1: The Future of Food
Part 2: The Future of Food
Part 3: The Future of Food




Africa Human Development Report 2012
Africa Human Development Report 2012: Towards a Food Secure Future


Future of Farming
It's a concept that could revolutionize conventional agriculture by drastically limiting the amount of water needed to create the perfect product. Traditional farmers need 75 gallons of water to raise just one head of lettuce. A new technique allows growers to use just a cup and a half to do the same thing.


Future of Farming: Prospero Robot Farmer
This is a short video that lays out the new concept of swarm farming and demonstrates the first phase with Prospero, the robot farmer.


A New Paradigm for Agriculture
Wes Jackson, Ph.D., President of The Land Institute. Salina, Kansas, talks about confronting the planetary challenges we face and making the necessary transition from an "extractive" economy to a "stable state economy" imitating natural systems: no topsoil disruption; no fossil-fuel inputs; no chemical pollution.


5th Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA2012)
Various videos from the 5th Forum for the Future of Agriculture


Tiffin 2010 - Looking at the Future of Agriculture with Bob Treadway
At the Tiffin Conference 2010, Bob Treadway talks about his view of the future of agriculture.


The Future of Food
Land is a finite resource. Land is the source of all our food. Today, 1.02 billion people already go to bed hungry. Two billion more suffer from malnutrition. By 2050, we will need to double food production as world population grows by 3 billion. But there is only 5% more arable land available on Earth. What’s the way forward? Leading food and agriculture scientists from the United States, Africa, and Europe ponder the future of food.


Future of Food - Part 1 – India
Future of Food - Part 1 – India


Future of Food - Part 2 – Senegal
Future of Food - Part 2 – Senegal


Future of Food - Part 3 – Cuba
Future of Food - Part 3 – Cuba


Farms of the Future
To make room for nature, farms of the future may have to move off the land and into skyscrapers. Dickson Despommier explains his idea.


The Future of Farming
Food production is one of the most costly and wasteful industries. As urban sprawl is taking over land used by the agriculture industry, researchers are exploring the idea of constructing greenhouses in skyscrapers. Combining simplistic visuals and a calm narration, the piece gives the viewer information to understand the problem at hand.


The Green Revolution and the Growth of African Agriculture
October 6, 2011 - Director of Agricultural Development for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Prabhu Pingali, discusses the future of the "Green Revolution." Following this presentation Professor Philip Pardey from the University of Minnesota discusses the current and future agricultural landscape in Africa.


Climate Change and the Agricultural Adaption
December 8, 2011 - Environmental Earth System Science Assistant Professor and FSE Center Fellow, David Lobell, gives a lecture about the future of climate change and how the agricultural landscape will have to adapt to these changes.


Food Security, Food Prices and Climate Change
October 21, 2011 - Professor David Lobell explores the latest trends in global food security and hunger and talks about the link between these and other events going on in the world.


Insect meat: food of the future
Scorpions, beetles and worms may be delicacies in some parts of Asia and Africa but they're certainly not everyone's idea of a delicious meal. However, scientists increasingly believe insect meat is a healthy and cheap alternative to traditional livestock meat.


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