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Video killed the radio (and text) star

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Video, according to Gartner, has expanded rapidly and will continue to do so over the next few years. Here's Gartner's prediction:

"Over the next three years Gartner believes that video will become a commonplace content type and interaction model for most users, and by 2013, more than 25 percent of the content that workers see in a day will be dominated by pictures, video or audio."

Twenty-five percent of all content? That's a lot of video.

Thank goodness, then, for those undersea, fibre optic cables running down the west and east coasts of Africa.

Videophile links

Videophile links to videos published by these organisations:

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This month's theme, videographically

A selection of video clips related to this month’s chosen theme: democracy – analogue and digital – and Africa’s future.

  • Democracy in Africa on In Focus. Dr. Çhika Onyeani, of the Celebrate Africa Foundation, discusses the future of democracy in Africa.
  • Can the Internet bring change? Google panelists debate the issues.
  • Evgeny Morozov's Ted.com talk on how the net aids dictators.
  • Clay Shirky's Ted.com presentation on how social media services help make history.
  • Debating the evolutions of revolutions, particularly in North Africa, is available from Al Jazeera's Empire.
  • The Dinokeng Scenarios are introduced, and followed by Walking Apart (scenario one), Walking Behind (scenario two) and Walking Together (scenario three).
  • More on the role of texting and storytelling from Ted.com in this video on the Ushahidi Story.
  • From Al Jazeera, Sir David Frost wonders if the Internet can bring freedom to the world, and Riz Khan talks about Africa's democracy deadlock.

Just added

And here's we've just added:

  • Gustav Praekelt speaks at TEDxStellenbosch, about Africa's mobile telephones and social good.
  • A video, from Al Jazeera, about bloggers in Egypt and these e-activists' struggles against dictatorship.
  • The Democracy Video Project features short videos that complete the phrase "Democracy is..."

Growth opportunity

If there's a video that you think has to be on the list, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the details and we'll add it to Videophile.


Coming soon

Next month an exciting new feature, Future Frame, will be added to our website.


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