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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: foresight and technologies. Robotics, the Internet, nutritional science and a whole lot more.


Beyond the betamax versus VHS debate.

If you can remember that debate, then this video is definitely one for you: a century of technological predictions.


Trends for the next 50 years.

Want to live to 100? Want to know what the next 50 years holds? Watch this video.


Nutritional science innovations.

Nutritional science has a really interesting future. Find out more.


Cisco's futurist, Dave Evans, on the technological avalanche that's coming.

Here's a technologist-futurist's view of what to expect.


The mobile revolution.

A video on the mobile world.


The next 50 years of science.

Get a cup of coffee and watch this Google Tech Talk video on the next fifty years of science.


Singularity explained.

If you've recently managed to tweet from your smart phone and programme your GPS navigator, then you should skip this video. Ray Kurzweil talks about Singularity.


Personal robots.

Cynthia Breazeal discusses personal robots at Ted.com.


Navigating the future.

From 2009, a Ted.com video featuring Ian Goldin who helps us navigate the coming technological innovations while also reminding us about yet another instance of inequality between haves and have-nots.


The world in 2030.

Refresh your cup of coffee and watch this video of a Presidential Series lecture by Dr Michio Kaku on the world in 2030.


Remember when?

A video by ComScore on the past, present and future of the Internet.


Can I be your friend?

On a lighter note, this must-see video from Two Boys Opera on behaving in the offline world the way we do online.


The Venus Project

A project that proclaims it is beyond politics, war and poverty. Pipe dream or future design? You decide by watching this video.

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