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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing
The World Economic Forum's Future of Manufacturing project tracks how the global manufacturing ecosystem is evolving. This five-minute investigation explores the future of industry and asks does manufacturing really matter? Leading manufacturers and policymakers discuss human capital, currency volatility, labor rate arbitrage and the potential of advanced manufacturing. The Future of Manufacturing project identifies what companies and countries must do to win in a rapidly changing world.


Manufacturing the Future: James Manyika on the Next Era of Global Growth and Innovation
James Manyika, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, discusses the next wave of manufacturing technology at the Techonomy 2012 conference in Tucson, Ariz.


Robots mean business: A conversation with Rodney Brooks
Industrial robots revolutionized manufacturing. The chairman and CTO of Rethink Robotics explains why advances in technology mean much more is still to come.


Radically reshaping manufacturing: A conversation with Katy George
In this interview, the McKinsey director explains next-shoring and why dramatic changes in demand and technology, as well as in energy and labor costs, are forcing manufacturers to rethink production and distribution strategies.


World Manufacturing Forum

Session 1 "Industrial Policies for Global Manufacturing"

Session 2 "Challenges and Opportunities in the Next-Generation of Manufacturing"

Session 3: “Workforce Education and Human-Centered Manufacturing"

Session 4: “Venture Capital/Ecosystems for Manufacturing Start-ups”

Day Two

Session 5: “Robotics for SMEs”

Session 6: “Global Standards for Products and Manufacturing”

Session 7: “Cyber Security Issues for Manufacturing”

Session 8: “Game Changing Key Technologies for Manufacturing”


2nd Annual Conference for the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability

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