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Post-Covid-19 Economy

Our selection of videos on this month's theme: Post-Covid-19 Economy


Unlocking COVID 19 Current Realities, Future Opportunities?
Unlocking COVID 19 Current Realities, Future Opportunities?


Indlulamithi report on future scenarios facing SA in the lead up to 2030
Indlulamithi South Africa has released a new report future scenarios facing South Africa in the lead up to 2030. The initiative involved conversations between government, the corporate sector, and civil society. The focus this year was on the impact of COVID-19 on South Africans and the economy.


How will COVID-19 change Africa?
A new study by Africa’s forecasting experts assesses the likely impact of the disease on the continent over the next decade. The report Exploring the impact of COVID-19 in Africa compares three scenarios on growth, mortality and other interventions with the continent’s development projections before the pandemic struck. It examines the impact on average incomes, poverty levels and selected Sustainable Development Goal targets. The study concludes with guidance on how to reduce vulnerability and strengthen Africa’s resilience.


The Four Pandemic Shifts Shaping the New Economy
Clearly there is no sitting on the sidelines any more. One of the most stunning and lingering things about the global pandemic is that suddenly everyone is being thrust into this new era, together. Ready or not. Emerging from this are four massive shifts in awareness and behaviour that are reshaping our understanding of business, society, technology and ourselves... and offer a lot of hope ahead.


COVID-19: Sustainable Finance and the Future of the Global Economy
The session will offer a high-level discussion about the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and how to finance the recovery through a responsible business lens. Participants will share concrete steps and regional perspectives on investing in a more resilient economic system through global frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals.


What does our economic future in South Africa look like in the face of COVID-19?
The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest disruption to the global economy since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and has forever changed the business landscape.


W. Brian Arthur (Part 2) on The Future of The Economy
If the economy is better understood as an evolving system, an out-of-equilibrium ecology composed of agents that adapt to one another’s strategies, how does this change the way we think about our future? By drawing new analogies between technology and life, and studying how tools evolve by building on and recombining what has come before, what does this tell us about economics as a sub-process of our self-organizing biosphere? Over the last forty years, previously siloed scientific disciplines have come together with new data-driven methods to trace the outlines of a unifying economic theory, and allow us to design new human systems that anticipate the planet-wide disruptions of our rapidly accelerating age. New stories need to be articulated, ones that start earlier than human history, and in which societies work better when engineered in service to the laws of physics and biology they ultimately follow.


The FUTURE Of The Global Economy - Robert Kiyosaki & Patrick Bet-David
Watch to find out what Robert thinks will happen to the middle-class in what he calls the “new economy,” what type of leader the country needs right now, and what millennials have their fingertips that can change their financial future for the good.


COVID-19 and The Economy: The Past, Present & Future
COVID-19 is a crisis that affects more than just our health; it is also a major economic pandemic that is not only affecting our lives today but will continue to do in the future. The Department of Economics hosted a live webinar on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 12:00 noon. Topics ranged from macroeconomc models showing the impacts on GDP and international relations and development to discussions on the implications for health and labor sectors and the decision making that leads people to hoard toilet paper!


IMF Managing Director Discusses Future of Global Economy
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that this year the global economy will experience its worst recession since the Great Depression. The IMF’s Managing Director joins the program to assess the world’s economic outlook and discuss whether there is cause for hope.


AI-driving digital divides and the future of African economies
Many countries are developing AI strategies to bridge digital divides and to remain competitive in the global economy. This webinar will explore Africa’s varying AI strategies as well as their impact on the continent’s economic growth. Our panelists will provide regional success stories that explain the opportunities and challenges in deploying these strategies, with discussions on what their impact will be on the future of AI in Africa.


Leading Through Change: A Whole Economy Transition To A Sustainable Future
Leading Through Change: A Whole Economy Transition To A Sustainable Future


Mary Callan Erdoes on the post-covid global economy
Mary Callahan Erdoes, CEO of JPMorgan Chase Asset & Wealth Management, joined Michelle Giuda, executive vice president of Geopolitical Strategy & Risk at Weber Shandwick, in a discussion about the global economic outlook as well as the complex challenges business leaders are facing amid the pandemic.


COVID-19 Economic Forecast Scenarios - The Shape of the Coming Recovery
In this webinar, Chief Economist Mark Zandi and the Moody's Analytics team present an overview of our updated COVID-19 forecast scenarios for the global economy, including the key drivers for each probability weighted assumption.


The economics of COVID-19: A look at possible scenarios for the next normal
The COVID-19 pandemic is delivering a massive shock to the global economy. Finding and delivering appropriate responses is made all the harder by the considerable uncertainty about the trajectory of the virus and the measures needed to ensure that economies can reopen safely. Nevertheless, executives can begin now to prepare their companies for the “next normal.” In this McKinsey Live webinar, held on June 3, MGI partner Susan Lund and senior partner Bob Sternfels discussed the global economic outlook and how leaders can begin navigating to what’s next.


Coronavirus and the economic future
Professor John Bryson, Professor of Enterprise and Economic Geography, reflects on what coronavirus (COVID-19) means for the UK economy and businesses.


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