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Our selection of videos on this month's theme: The Future of Waste


The Walmart Live Better Sustainability Summit

Waste Management CEO David Steiner joins executives from FedEx and Lenovo to discuss sustainability in the supply chain at Wal-Mart's Sustainability Summit in Beijing, China. Waste Management makes the supply chain more sustainable by recovering the value from waste products through technological innovations like landfill-gas-to-energy and waste-to-energy.


Future of Waste Management in South Africa
Keeping South Africa clean is a difficult feat. The waste continues to pile up as the country runs out of space for landfills. Waste Management transport is one of the significant challenges. This was highlighted by the CSIR in their Municipal Waste Management Good Practices Toolkit.


3D Printer Made from E-waste in Africa
Kodjo Afate Gnikou has imagination, talent and ambition. Using rails and belts from old scanners, the case of a discarded desktop computer and even bits of a diskette drive, he has created what is believed to be the first 3D printer made from e-waste. It has taken him several months to put together his experimental device. Lifting designs off a computer, the 3D printer produces physical objects. He shows us by "printing" a small round container.


Africa: Digital Graveyard
Mobile phones and computers have transformed the lives of many -- yet billions of discarded electronic devices are ending up in landfills in the world's poorest countries, posing a potentially lethal toxic threat. But one African country is finding innovative ways to handle this so called "e-waste".


South African artist inspires by making art from plastic waste
Plastic is not often associated with artistic expression, but for South African artist Mbogeni Buthelezi, this recycling yard is where he finds not only inspiration, but also material for his art projects. Buthelezi uses industrially produced plastic materials with various prints, thick plastics as well as plastic bags and cling film.


Innovations in municipal solid waste management in Africa: lessons from Nairobi and eThekwini
Innovations in municipal solid waste management in Africa: lessons from Nairobi and eThekwini


The Future of Recycling: Rajan Ahluwalia at TEDxEdmonton
Rajan Ahluwalia has been in the recycling business since 1989. From his school days he has associated himself with recycling, where he would be frequently seen recycling his own (and willing classmates') textbooks. Even the writing books, he would remove the un-used pages and take it to the local Binder, who would make a brand new note book for the next year. This was the basis of recycling for him.


Waste Disposal - The Future of Business
More than six billion inhabit our planet. These six billion people are creating waste in the form of plastic and cardboard food packages, aluminium cans and more. Many of us do not even know where all this waste goes once we throw it out. Where does the collected trash and waste go? They go to a dump. Waste as well as junk are deposited in a dump either above the ground or placed in a deep hole that is dug into the earth. Trash is deposited into the hole till there is no more room for more trash.


How the oceans can clean themselves: Boyan Slat at TEDxDelft
18-year-old Boyan Slat combines environmentalism, entrepreneurism and technology to tackle global issues of sustainability. After diving in Greece, and coming across more plastic bags than fish, he wondered; "why can't we clean this up?"


Waste Management as if the Future Mattered
Paul Connett puts the trash problems into the larger context of global pollution and our resource crisis. Connett summarizes the arguments against incinertion and illustrates the alternatives of source separation, reuse, recycling, composting, toxic removal, and landfilling of the screened residue. Included with this tape is a 48-page booklet written by Connett which expands many of the scientific and practical points illustrated in the video.



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